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05 September 2012

Donkey Ball and Tombola

Speaking of donkeys...

Speaking of donkeys, this Saturday evening there is a "Donkey Ball" on Naxos. It's an event that's part of an initiative to support donkeys on Naxos. Here, like in most rural parts of Greece, donkeys can be seen less often. They have been replaced by trucks and motorbikes in their traditional work roles.

But still we like to see them around, even if it's only to have some intelligent companions who don't talk so much (donkeys are pretty intelligent beasts). So the "donkey ball" is an effort to try to get some money collected to support the situation. As you noticed, I'm not fully aware of all the details (yet). But there is a tombola with some prices to win. Rumors has it that the first price is a real donkey. No matter if that's true or not, I will be there to take my chances!

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