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03 July 2013

Vacations... Amorgos

Enjoying the slacking

Yesterday night we arrived on Amorgos. Wait, make that almost this morning - the boat arrived at almost 4 in the morning and it was almost 5 till I could shut my eyes.

Now I got some breakfast. I'm sitting in a cafe in the shade and the slacking can start. It's been years that I had a real vacation. There will be time for swimming, for walking around and seeing things and for just doing nothing.

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04 July 2013

The Easy Life Continues

In the shade and the sun

Surprise, surprise, I woke up and was still on Amorgos. The easy life goes on. Today with swimming at Agia Anna, where the bus takes you down serpentines and serpentines to a rocky beach. Since it was noon I was also working on my tan. Also when you swim out a bit, you can see the famous monastery.

Yesterday I did some sketches, today one more. The Hora of Amorgos is very beautiful, so there would be lots of things to draw. But then I'm slacking. Just sitting there and looking at it is easier. I also met some friendly cats. The one in the pic was only sleeping though, no matter what happened around it.

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06 July 2013

Back to work... on my tan

Ρεμάλι μ' είπες μια βραδιά...

I'm sure there are a lot of interesting places to find on this island, hidden gems of places to discover - but I'm not having any of it. I'm trying hard to get the maximum slacking I can fit into my vacations and work only on my tan. Besides, the Hora of Amorgos (where we're staying) is really beautiful, both in spirit and looks.

Yesterday evening we happened on a festival of young musicians from the Kyklades and Dodekanissa. We got a table close to the stage at the cafe where we have our breakfast, listened and watched. Some very good music.

In other news we've been to the place in the picture every day. It's the Agia Anna beach (down below the little church). Behind that rock at the top lies the famous Monastery. Those clouds you see there were moving across the sky at great speed, quite the spectacle to watch while laying on the rocks, sunbathing. I think you can see how clear and blue the water is.

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08 July 2013

Hausgemachte Limonade im Ilios

Geniessen auf Amorgos

Jeden Morgen hier auf Amorgos sind wir ins Cafe Ilios gegangen. Dort haben wir auf dem grossen Platz unter einer Pinie, einer Platane und einem Eukalyptus gefrühstückt.

Heute sind wir zu Fuss zum Kloster, auf dem alten Pfad - den Rest der Woche waren wir eher faul mit dem Bus unterwegs. Das Kloster ist eindrücklich, es hängt in den Felsen. Innen kann man eine Kirche besichtigen. Die Treppe dorthin gibt einen Eindruck, wie eng, steil und verwinkelt es im innern des Klosters sein muss.

Nach dem Kloster sind wir zu Fuss zum Strand und von dort auch wieder rauf zur Chora. Vom Strand waren wir 53 Minuten unterwegs. Jetzt sitzen wir wieder im "Ilio" und trinken hausgemachte Limonade. ξ

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13 July 2013

Vacations II - Return to Bike Island

Sometimes the sequel gets it right too
Enjoying the view on a ride

That week on Amorgos was great. Only thing I would change on the next time: I'd definitely walk everywhere. No more bus to the beach (it's an easy walk anyway, and then you can go any time and come back when you want). They also have a good set of ancient walking paths, connecting all the villages together. So I'd do the sightseeing by walking too. Even in summer, with the wind and being high up on the mountains, it is ok to walk there. Just bring enough water. I definitely recommend staying in the Hora - it's by far the nicest village, and one of the nicest village of all the Aegean islands.

Now I'm back on Naxos, and after 2 days of half-working, I'm back to another week of vacation mode. It's quite different, as I have net access. Mostly I cycle and I go for swims. Sometimes both of these things combined, ride to the beach and back.

Since it's summer, the idea for cycling is to use either the morning hours or the evening hours, when things are a bit cooler. For going to swim, evening hours work better for me. Otherwise, both systems are great, since I love the landscape both in the early morning and late afternoon/evening light. What doesn't work so well is the really long rides: when you want to do more than 4 hours, either you start to run into the mid-day heat, or the night. I'm thinking about ordering a stronger bike light and see how night riding works out.

Coming back from swimming
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