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20 September 2013

I still have something to say...

... but then, it's bubbles
bubbles, bubbles everywhere

Hey there, so, I'm still here. Here on the weblog and here on Naxos. I've been working, biking, and occasionally swimming. The work is going fine. I've got interesting stuff to do, and with the team that works for one of my customers we will soon have another sprint week, here on Naxos.

The cycling is going fine too... obviously, since I'm in a great environment for cycling. I've bought a big, freakin' bike light, so I can head out in the late afternoon and continue riding well into the night. I'm considering writing a review on that thing.

Also there is the swimming. This year during August I didn't go much to swim. For one thing I was cycling. Then, due to the main tourist season I didn't much like to go out on crowded beaches. Now that it's September, it's much more relaxed. The sea is still warm, the sun is still shining and it's nice to enjoy it all a few days more.

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27 September 2013

Back in the city

Crowded life

So I'm back in the big city since a few days. Yesterday in a crowded subway train, I thought that I should write a few lines about the experience. I've been away for almost 3 months. While during August the island was "full", that is no comparison to how many people there are around me in Athens now. And the few last weeks, it was quiet in the little village on the island. I happened frequently that I would bring out the garbage at night and not see a single person, not even in a car passing by.

Coming back was a bit... not of a shock, but stressy. Moving around by bus and metro, in droves of people. Lots of noise. Lots of time spent going from here to there. The feeling of being in this heap of people is sometimes difficult to stomach after all that quiet. I will go back to moving around by bicycle soon (which is faster than public transport), but then it will be another contrast to riding on the quiet island streets.

On the upside, seeing friends, talking with friends face to face. Working together in a cafe. Seeing neighbors and my neighborhood. Too bad my usual lunch place is closed for some works, but hey, we're in the big city so we were able to go to a restaurant around the corner.

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30 September 2013

CatEye HL-EL540 - Night Riding Light

Shine on you crazy diamond

I spent a lot of my free time this summer cycling on Naxos, I had really caught the bug. In summer there is a lot of daylight to ride, but still I happened to be out and cought in the dark a couple of times. Sometimes, because I was riding too far in the twilight evening hours that I like so much, another time because I went for a swim and some pasta at the italian restaurant at the surf club on Orkos beach and then it just was dark when I came back. I wasn't afraid of that, as I had lights with me, but my headlight was one of those small commuter things that are much more suited to getting you seen than to see yourself.

Going downhill with that thing meant to go really slow and hit the breaks a lot. On that evening after the Carbonara at Orkos, going uphill fast from Mikri Vigla, I was often feeling like riding with my eyes covered. Also with those batteries I was always wondering if on any particular evening the light just appeared to be so low or if by any chance the batteries were running out.

Then I ordered the CatEye HL-EL540 (actually the HL-EL540RC with rechargeable batteries) through Giannis bike shop in Naxos town. Now that is a totally different story. [Warning, cheap pun ahead...] man, I saw the light!

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