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18 August 2014

Splish splash I was taking a vacation

... and so was everybody else!
Bubble, bubbles everywhere

So, my vacation time came and passed again. Took a few swims, took some bike rides, read and relaxed a lot. It was a good vacation time, and I spent it in a good place to vacation. Only little nitpick: Everybody else seemed to have had the same idea for their vacation destination this year. Naxos was and still is full of people.

Apparently Naxos was voted into the 10 best islands on TripAdvisor. Number 6 worldwide, number 2 in Europe. I mean, come on, it's a nice enough island, with plenty of things to do... but number 6 in the world? Dunno really.

Combine that with northern Africa being off the tourist map right now, Turkey probably got some dampening with the politicals that were in the news all the time, and all the Germans who didn't come to Greece last year (due to the "Greece will fall out of the Europe, all tourists there will starve!" propaganda) and are amending for it this year... it's crowded.

Shouldn't matter much too me now, as I'm back at work. My time on the beach will be in the evenings again, when most people have left. I'll continue to enjoy the good weather on the bike early in the morning or late in the evening. Hopefully now the traffic on the roads will calm down a bit, but I guess it will take some time. August 15th is usually the peak point of the vacation season here, afterwards things fall off rapidly usually. This year it just might take a little bit longer to "fall off".

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