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04 May 2015

First Swim of the Season

Splish splash!

Last Thursday I had my last after-surgery checkup at the Orthopedist. Everything fine, apparently the bone has healed and it's time to build up the muscles again. So the Doctor wants me to go and swim. Right. It's still May, but I'm a good boy, and I do what I'm told, so I went to my first swim this afternoon. It was pleasant enough outside (at the Mikri Vigla beach), but the water was "a bit fresh".

Interesting how much easier it is to go into the cold water, when you're supposed to go in and swim. The inner dialog wasn't about "should I go in or shouldn't I" or about "will anybody see me when I give up?", it was more along the lines of "ok, let's get inside and get this done". It wasn't so cold that my life or health would be at risk (not by far), so any reluctance is just psychological, in short a sign of weakness. Can't have that!

So I went and swam a bit up and down, which felt good in the leg. It wasn't enough to get the muscles tired, but after some time I just let it be enough. I'll go again soon, now that it's in the program.

(Oh, and I totally forgot to take a pic, left the phone in the car and didn't have the digicam with me. Next time.)

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07 May 2015

Catching up with coverage... and finding some bugs

Bebu looking at things

Yesterday I noticed again that on one of my projects the test coverage is slipping. Now test coverage isn't everything, and hey, we're not that bad since lots of projects have no tests at all... but still I'd prefer the coverage to be at 100%. So in a moment of not wanting to touch any new tasks ("just give me something small to hax0r, a few lines"), I looked at the coverage report, trying to fill a few small holes.

A few of those small one or two line holes were quickly filled. A one line function without a test? Tchak, done! Some others were more mysterious. And then there was one that should have been easy to plug, but it evaded me. An if x not in some_list that should raise an exception was not covered. But once I wrote a test with assertRaises, that part of the code was not reached any more. You start to test for something and then it disappears? That would be a new one.

It took me some gazing at the code to discover that a (hidden) similar check a few lines above was already raising the exception. So that part of the code was essentially duplicated and useless. That's the morale of the story: Bringing the test coverage back to 100% might not make your code foolproof, but sometimes it just makes you look at the code again and spot a bug here and there.

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18 May 2015

520... Quality of Life

At the coffice
The cafe "520" in Naxos town

It took some while for them to open this year, but finally the cafe / bar "520" is open again. Seems that they did some remodelling. Good for me neither the character nor the athmosphere has changed. So today the 520 is my "coffice" for some hours.

The 520 is a cafe during the day, bar during the night. There are two terraces, with great views over the harbour. Inside it's decorated nice and relaxed. What with the name? Barcodes of Greek products start with the numbers "520...", so in here they try to have as much as possible good Greek products. In my case, I'll just have a homemade lemonade to go with my coding.

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22 May 2015

Doing My Swimming Lessons

Teach your self how to... blubb blubb blubb
Calm sea helps

I can't really swim. I admit that much. OK, I won't just drown when you throw me into the water, and I'm ready enough to jump in. But anything more than a few tens of meters, and I'm pretty lost. Given calm seas, I can manage to go a short distance, by going slowly, taking lots of rest.

Now that I'm supposed to swim, I decided it's time to change that, at least for a bit. So I looked up what I'm actually supposed to do. Went through a couple of How-To guides, saw a couple of videos. I'm the kind of guy who is better able to learn this kind of thing by "understanding" it technically first, with my head. No intuitive learning for me there. Right now I'm concentrating on breaststroke, but later maybe I'll go for the freestyle too.

So far there seems to be a tiny bit of progress. At todays swim, I thought that I was a bit more relaxed. I have to be calm and remember what to do and then the movements seem to work out a bit better. Definitely makes it more enjoyable. Having a very calm see today helped too. Still in bicycle terms, I feel often like a kid going up a hill, all he can do is stand on the pedals and stomp as far as his lungs will take him. I'll have to learn to get a rhythm into my breathing, take it calmer, and go there in my good time.

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24 May 2015

Weblog Technical Status

What can we clean up?

There are currently some problems with the technical platform that this weblog runs on. Aparently once every while, the process runs out of memory, and then the blog is stuck. Funny, since with the new server, there is more memory available now. I'll have to check if there is some kind of memory leak or refcount leak happening. In the meantime, I've reduced some cache settings, and well, sometimes the blog might be unavailable till I "unstuck" it.

While playing around with the cache settings, I also cleaned up some of the other blogs I'm subscribed to in the sidebar. Sadly, some of them are offline now. Some others moved, and I've adjusted the feeds. I've also removed the links to the Zope planet (does not exist any more), and to the expat blogs site (can't identify with that any more).

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29 May 2015

Starting a New Project Naively Sure is Easier

Experience is not always an advantage

Starting a new pyramid fun project with some friends here. Sometimes I think that having experience with another pyramid project isn't always helpful. Instead of just writing my simple objects and growing them, I'm thinking: "well, for this kind of thing, we added xy and yz, and we made a feature to ..." and then instead of coding along, I'm sitting there, thinking if adding that feature right away makes sense, and if I should copy that bit of code or not.

Sure I could start with the simpler objects, but then I'd have to migrate them later on. On the other hand, if I try to do it all at once now, I can just sit there with a cup of tea for a couple of days and try to "waterfall" it all through. Have to find some middle ground somewhere, and have to accept that at least initially "migration" will be to the tune of "throw away your database and start over". Gotta get moving.

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30 May 2015

New (Style) Swimming Glasses

Hey, somebody came up with something better
Great goggles on terribe photo model

Since picking up this swimming project (as physiotherapy and to teach myself to swim a bit better), I've bought myself a new pair of swimming goggles. Over the years I had a number of these things, but most of them were really quite bad. Reason 1: I bought cheap ones. Reason 2: When buying swimming glasses, you should actually try them on, but here in Greece I never had found a shop that let you do that. Well, that just changed, both of it.

In Naxos town, there is a shop near the "court square" (πλατεία προτοδηκείου) that has some diving equipment (and a lot of summer clothes, and swimsuits etc.), so I decided to try my luck there. The guy there showed me the display of swimming goggles. Piles of swimming goggles. Tons of them. I just looked at him and said: "OK, so what do I do now? I have no idea where to start or what to take." His reply was: "Try some of them on." Now that was a relief.

Then he started to show me some of them, and it turns out that there is now a new style of swimming goggles. They have a "skirt" around the glasses that goes further out around your eyes, almost like a dive mask. Putting them on your face, they get stuck like a suction cup. On dry land, the feeling is a bit uncomfortable, but in the water it's perfect. I tried 5 models or so, in the end choosing one mostly on the looks of them. They are from a company called "Cressi swim", and the model is called "Saturn", but I'd say that doesn't matter much, what I do recommend is this style of swimming goggles.

I've since used these glasses 6 times in 2 weeks, and I'm hooked. No water getting in. Which means no annoying stops to get the water out. No fogging (well, maybe on that account it's because they're still new). Very comfortable. Very good view both under water and above. Today the water was very clear, and it was a joy to see all the little fishes, still the goggles do not disturb me at all while exercising. Absolute bonus: While doing a bit of backstroke, I can look through the "skirt" of the goggles, to control my course, without having to raise my head very much out of the water.

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