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24 September 2015

The Big Move

Technically, it's not ch-athens any more

Man, almost a month without posts on this lazy weblog. In the meantime, early September, I emptied my appartment in Athens and moved finally to Naxos. So technically, this blog should not be called "ch-athens" any more, but I don't think I'll rename it anyway.

It would be nice if I could describe the move as uneventful, but that wasn't what happened. Since I'm moving to an island, ships are involved. Which means that you can't just rent any old van and carry your stuff over. Doing so would mean to pay a lot of money for bringing a car over on the ferry boat and then bringing it back. So what I did is hire a mover.

That was necessary for another reason: I'm still recovering from that broken leg, and therefore I shouldn't lift stuff. So they did all the lifting. But this is also the point where the "eventful" part of the move happened for me. Even if I didn't lift heavy stuff, I put a lot of stress on the leg. Push something over here, lift a box on top of another box there. Put lots of stuff into boxes. Carry the garbage downstairs. I had a very tired leg.

Towards the 3rd day, I was completely exhausted. I had problems going up the stairs, even without carrying anything. At some point I was sitting somewhere, and I saw a picture frame that I had to take down. I must have looked at it for 15 minutes, trying to gather the strength to get up and do that task too. What saved me was my friend Panos, who came over on the last day and did the last "heavy" jobs, like carrying down the last garbage.

At the end of it all, I went to the port and took the boat back to my new home. The tourist season was still in almost full swing, so the boat was pretty much full. I got myself a cabin, laid down and slept till Paros (1 hour before Naxos). Then I had a shower and got myself ready to arrive. It cost some extra money, but I already started to feel a bit better.

It took the leg some time to recover though. I guess it threw me back 2 or 3 weeks. On the next day I started with my regular swimming routine again, and as soon as I was floating in the water, I felt as if the recovery process in the leg was starting again.

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