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19 October 2017

Wir haben Zukunft

Von unserer linguistischen Erklärungsabteilung

Wenn man auf Griechisch sagen will, dass etwas noch länger dauert, dann kann man sagen: "Wir haben Zukunft" (έχουμε μέλλον, échoume méllon). Klingt doch sehr positiv, sozusagen das Gegenteil von "No Future".

Beispiel: "Hab ich noch Zeit mein Handy kurz aufzuladen oder müssen wir gleich gehen?" "Warte, ich schau mal wann wir gehen müssen... oh, wir haben Zukunft!" ("Έχουμε χρόνο να φορτίσω το κινητό μου;" "Κάτσε να δω τι ώρα φεύγουμε... καλά, έχουμε μέλλον!")

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31 October 2017

Passing the Milestone

More km than 2014 already
City riding in Lugo

Since I restarted cycling, 2014 had been my strongest year, with the most kilometers riding done. That year I had been doing about 8018km. But it seems that 2017 is coming along even stronger, it's the end of October, and I've already passed that milestone. Not to mention that there are two more months left in this year.

2014 was a very strong year in other respects too: In Januar 2014 I rode my first brevet (200km). This October 22 I finally rode my 2nd brevet, even with some more climbing. Looking back and comparing my strengths and weaknesses, I think I was faster and had more punch in 2014, but I seem to have a bit more endurance in 2017. There is no definite conclusion I can take though, as my form fluctuates a lot. I get in good shape, then I get a cold or travel or something and bang, I'm down again.

In the ride where I passed the "highscore", I was with my nephew Max and my good friend Borja, riding near Borja's place, Lugo in Galicia, Spain. I was on an old steel bike from another good friend. We were having lots of fun. It was the perfect moment to pass a high score like that!

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