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27 December 2018


Nice, round numbers, goals, and distances
On a nice, sunny ride with the Kastro Team

I didn't set up a goal for how much I wanted to ride this year. Last year I was close to 10'000km, but not close enough to seriously think about getting there. The last winter was very dry here, so I rode a lot. Then I had a very strong spring, with some months where I hit 1000km each month. So at some point I started to think more serious about it.

It must have been somewhere in late summer, when I accepted that this had become a "goal" for me. Get to 10'000km riding this year. I normally try to ride 10 hours or about 200km each week. With 52 weeks, it seems easy enough to get to 10'000. But then, there are periods of bad weather (I used to ride gladly in bad weather too, but now I'm more thinking about staying safe and healthy). Speaking of "healthy", there are a usually also the periods when I catch a cold, and usually 1 week of riding is lost, while the next week is very limited. Travelling is another cause for missing kilometers.

But this year, things more or less worked out. In February I had an infection from a scratch from one of our village cats. 2 weeks without riding. I did one trip to Switzerland, without bike. 12 more days off. As mentioned, spring had lots of riding, summer wasn't so bad (in summer there is heat and lots of tourist traffic here, so I ride less). In fact I was coming along so well, that for a long time I had a buffer of about 500 to 800km.

Then in November I went to Spain for a sprint, and a chance to cycle up the Angliru climb (famous from La Vuelta). Also a chance to do some flatter kilometers to, around Lugo. So I had done plenty of training riding up the Liona climb (the toughest climb we have on Naxos, still only about a bit less than half as much as Angliru...) Instead I did only 2 short rides and then cought a cold. No Angliru and lots of days off.

Now the "goal" thing became a bit more interesting. I wasn't really behind, but I couldn't slack off either. In the end we had a rainy period in December, but I managed to "work around it", or rather: ride around it.

Today I rode the final kilometers for my 10'000km goal for 2018. While I was ticking off the last 4, I thought about the riding in this year, what I could remember from each month. Some months were easy and I had good recollections. But I forgot the brevet I rode in January, and it took me a while to remember when we had gone to ride on Paros. Still, lots of good memories!

Coming back, I uploaded my ride to Strava, and updated my stats. But where it had told me yesterday that I had 9936km (64 below the magic number), now I had ridden 65 and it showed me I had 10'099 in total. I guess Strava is drunk. In any case, I'm past 10'000km and the goal is reached... and I still have some days to go this year.

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