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Buying a Mac in Greece is tough, but Rainbow is not Apple

Buying a Mac in Greece can be a weird experience. And when you get to the price tag, you are up for big surprises. Prices should be equivalent to european prices, except I don't get how they come up with those high Euro prices considering the current...
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Slacky Tiger on a Rainbow

Yesterday I went to a Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger introduction event at the Store of Rainbow in Akadimias Street. For those who are tuning in late, Rainbow is the distributor of Apple computers in Greece. They are doing one hell of a job keeping the market share of Apple down. At yesterdays event they were again proving their incapability to do anything in Apple style... read on.
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Circular Rainbow

On Sunday I went with a group from a mountain club to a place called Αχαρνές (Aharnes) to an educational rock climbing place. While we waited on a parking lot outside the village for people to dripple in, someone spotted this rainbow in the sky. The ...
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betabug in Hong Kong

With all the roaring and feedback to my "Slacky Tiger on a Rainbow" post, a strange thought occured to me. But let me explain some of the preconditions before. (You did not expect me to share my precious thought that easy, didn't you?) I think it all winds down to yours truly, the betabug, having moved to Hong Kong. Let me explain...
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Για kαφέ με την HelMUG

Πήγα την Κυριακή και βρήκα τα καλά παιδιά της HelMUG σε μια συνάντηση στην άνετη καφετέρια "Bamboo" στους Αμπελόκηπους. (Ναι, ακούγεται σαν διαφήμιση, μα μου άρεσε στ'αλήθεια.) Μια τυπική συνάντηση user group σημαίνει τέσσερις ώρες κουβέντα για Mac, για εθελοντές, ΔΣ, ...
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Ξανά! Another Fight with Unicode

Αχ, ξανά τα Ελληνικά! Unbelievably, I'm again fighting with Unicode to get Greek text work in yet another place. This time it's with "NetNewsWire Lite", which I think should work, but it does not in this project. Problem should be on my site though.
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Greek Localization for 10.4 is Available

As mentioned at HelMUG, GR-X the unofficial, free and working localization of Mac OS X is available for 10.4 too. Download GR-X here for free from MacUpdate. This is not the Greek localization from the "official" Apple Macintosh reseller in Greece (I...
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Call for a "Greek & Mac FAQ"

Setting up a professional work environment (for example for graphics professionals) on a Mac with Mac OS X in Greek is not there yet. At least not out of the box. There still is a lot of information needed. Even working with a system in English using...
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Preparations and Adaptors

I'm in the last preparations for tomorrows PGP talk. Today I made another attempt at finding a "mini-DVI to VGA" adaptor for my MacBook. After weeks of weeks of "we ordered them, they should arrive in the next days", I still don't have one. I've been...
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Blow Me Away!

Last weekend I took another trip with the sailing boat that welcomed me two weeks ago. This time we took part in a race that led us through a course around some buoys and back to Halkida. We did the same course on Saturday and Sunday. Wind was much s...
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Happy 1 Year American In Athens!

Today with a post simply called One, Kat from American in Athens celebrated one year of that most useful blog. When I saw the post, I honestly couldn't believe that it's been only one year. There is so much useful information on her weblog, that I ha...
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Another Big Shift at Apple

When topgan1 wrote about Apple going to use Intel processors yesterday, I just hoped so much that he was going to be proofed wrong. Looks like it is real. I double checked the calender, today is not April 1st. So Apple will indeed phase out PowerPC p...
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