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Actual Battery Recycling Container Spotted

Last saturday spotted in a super market of the Marinopoulos / Champion / Carrefour variety: An actual battery recycling container. It seems to be completely unmarked and unadvertised, but some people found out what it is for, so there are batteries i...
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New Recycling Program in the City of Athens

Starting from last week there are now heaps of new recycling containers all over the city of Athens. On Victoria square there are about 5 of them, they are literally everywhere on the more populated streets. Those containers have three slots (as you ...
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Battery Recycling in Greece

According to this article (in Greek) about Battery Recycling in Greece (ΑΝΑΚΥΚΛΩΣΗ Μ� ΑΤΑΡΙΩΝ), there are two chainstores (Carrefour and Praktiker) who accept used batteries and will properly ship them off for recycling. The article...
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Blue Container Recycling Revisited

I've reported about The Blue Containers for recycling in our part of town a while ago. In the meantime we've been good kids and used the blue bag supplied to us to collect all kind of (suspected) recyclable material. Usually when I emptied it in the ...
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Mini Glas-Container

Nachdem ich vor Jahren schon über die ersten Schritte im Recycling in Athen berichtet hatte, lief ich heute wieder mal einer interessanten, neuen Entwicklung über den Weg. Ein Container für Glas-Recycling. Mit Ôsen, mit denen der Container gleich kom...
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Garbage Strike is Over

According to, the garbage strike has been over at midnight Thursday. Indeed I had seen a garbage truck near Akadimias shortly after midnight, but since there had been " emergency service " trucks picking up garbage outside schools and hospitals...
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Post Roundup

Today it's time for rounding up some older posts. There's no news about the Museum for political prisoners/exiles, but some observations about recycling, μουνάρες, the wheather, a solution for TV a l'arabe, and a quiet end to the bot attack. Read on for details...
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Scanning Cross Processed Slide Film

Yesterday I've been scanning some film for the first time in a while. The films from my recent trip aren't developed yet, but I still have some older (and lots of really old) stuff to scan. So I scanned some cross processed slide film, which always gets funny results...
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Bios Green Cube

Still haven't got a photoblog, so this picture goes here. This " thing " is a green " cube " light on the terrace of the Bios bar/club/cultural center in Athens. They've got what looks like beer barrels for seats too. Been there yesterday evening wit...
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The Blue Containers

They have arrived while I was away. I had already seen them for some time in more central parts of Athens, but now that I returned from Germany, I found them in my neighbourhood too: The blue containers for recycleable waste. They came together with a letter from our mayor, a little brochure, and a special bag (to collect such waste, not clear if the bag goes into the container too, maybe I should read the brochure). This means that our household will be able to dispose of some things in a manner that is more soothing to the ecologically aware mind...
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