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Parnitha: Winter is leaving

Winter is Leaving

2011-03-14 -- 2 Comments

6x6 - Firstflex, 80mm Tri-Lausar, Tri-X in Diafine (overexposed)

Does that mean I will have to stop posting snow pictures?
(This one is from that hike on Parnitha.)


Thanks to the Firstflex and to the overexposure, you have fully recovered your "eery atmosphere" signature that I used to love when looking at your crapphone's photos a few years ago.

This looks like a picture taken straight out of a 1900 National Geographic magazine. I dig the motion. I dig those branches here and there and I dig the atmosphere.

Thanks man! Yeah, the Firstflex can get pretty "eery". Sometimes I'm fighting the lack of contrast, sometimes (like here) I'm embracing it and manage to put it to good use.

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