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Path on the Ymittos, late afternoon

Late Afternoon Walk, Ymittos

2011-05-03 -- 2 Comments

6x6 - Firstflex, 80mm Tri-Lausar, Kodak Portra 160N

Fresh stuff, Taken somewhere within the last month, scanned yesterday evening.


I like that washed out look and the composition is quite original as we can see a little bit of civilization (or rampant craziness, YMMV) at the bottom right corner and the difference is quite striking with the empty, relaxing sun and those leaning plants (windy?) in the foreground. I'd relax there indefinitely listening to Freddie Hubbard on trumpet while the city is abuzz.

I am a bit (but not overly) disturbed by the vignetting on the top corners which creates some undesirable tension and break a bit (but not overly) the relaxing scene.

Very good work my friend. I hope that one day, I have half of your eye and recreate part of that eery feeling I dig so much in most of your pictures since the day you were shooting them with the now R.I.P. crapphone.

Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, the vignetting is part of this camera. A Tri-Lausar is not like your Zeiss T* lens, it's probably closer to a magnifying glass :-) (OK, it's not as bad as a Holga's plastic lens.)

As for the crapphone... it's still alive! In fact I should take it for a ride and put some pictures here too!

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