Welcome to my pictures of the "13th international Meeting of 2CV friends" in Skotina Beach, Greece

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An dutch (?) line of 2CVs

A line of dutch or italian (?) 2CVs near the entrance of the meeting.


A greek DS and our 2CV

We saw this nice greek DS a couple of times, so we parked "little Ferrari" next to it to take a picture. The beatifull lady next to the 2CV is Charlott, my wife.


Market view - and Reuven

A view next to the (small) market. The person walking away in the shade is our fellow listmember Reuven.


Xavier selling stuff for Generation 2CV

Some people worked hard for the money. This one here (sitting on the right) is Xavier from Génération 2CV (Paris) - also a friend and listmember.


Yellow Mehari

One of the many nice Meharis that came to the meeting. I want one like this.


Mark and Reuven

Mark, listmember and (duck-)head of the "Turnerclan", had some misterious engine trouble. Reuven (on the right) points out where the problem is.


Charlott and Sascha after the meeting

After the meeting Charlott and I slowly moved down the coast line to Athens, with a nice stop in the region of Pilion.


A greek DS and our 2CV

Typical view from the Restaurant of our Hotel. The red one is known as "little Ferrari". In the village around the meeting you could always see or hear a couple of 2CVs.


Joel and Reuven

This is the Israeli expedition to the worldmeeting in Greece (all of them). To the left is Joel, to the right is our friend and listmember Reuven. They were selling T-Shirts and Stickers (and they sold out of T-Shirts).


Xavier at the Coupony-Counter

At the meeting the special Currency was the "Cou-Pony". Here we see listmember Xavier at the counter getting some Couponys. BTW: I was sadly surprised that there were almost no real Ponys (greek 2CV derivate) at the meeting. The only one I've seen had german numberplates. Since the Pony is a kind of utility vehicle it looks like the greeks grinded them all down on the job. Sad.


The List-Meeting-Banner

At the thursday of the meeting we had our official "List-Meeting" in the "Beach Bar". I wasn't taking pictures at the evening, but I liked the look of the banner in the sun of the next day.


Sascha after the Meeting

And this is me, on our slow trip to Athens. More about me on this site.



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