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Unix (especially OpenBSD)


Please note that these notes are grossly outdated and old. I'm leaving them here mainly for historical reasons.

Compiling bogofilter on OpenBSD

I've compiled bogofilter on OpenBSD 3.2/mac68k and 3.4/macppc. Not that I'm the first one, but here are some small bits of information which helped get it working.

OpenBSD - disabling write cache on SCSI disks

When using softdep mounted partitions, the write cache on SCSI disks can or should be disabled. Somewhere I've found the info on how to do this, and wrote it down. I guess this is pretty dangerous if you get something wrong. Worked for me though.
# scsi -e -f /dev/rsd0d -m 8 -P 3
and change WCE to "1".

We don't understand the software, and sometimes we don't understand the hardware, but we can *see* the blinking lights!