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Changes I've made to my COREBlog

Trying to assemble links + patches of all the customizations I've made so far. Hope I won't forget anything... work in progress might not be complete at all.

More or less documented:

Not yet documented:

  • I'm returning 403 to refused trackback requests.
  • Feed validation + clearer labelling ... no patch in there
  • I've put my skin changes on the file system, so I can't accidentally overwrite stuff.
  • Had to fix the comment display, to not show the commenters email address when they don't enter a URL
  • Seems like I munged around with categorylist_html to get the correct number of entries displayed ... at least there's a commit message saying I did :-)

Hmm, the software I run for my weblog is like one of those patched up cars, whose owners always tinker around, fix stuff and build new stuff in... and in the end they never know what they really did.

I'm keeping COREBlog sources in my own cvs private repository, merging in any new versions with "vendor branches". Currently there's no use to ask me for my sources, because I have to clean up the mess a bit, there's way too much "for my blog only" code right now.

On the wishlist:

  • Skin based on ZPT
  • Beef up the system that forces commenters through the preview form to bind to the same visitors IP and the same blog entry

See also:

Wu is running on Zope 2.10 and for some reason he had to setHeader to utf8 in blog_header to fix some problems with page encoding being wrong.