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OpenERP on OpenBSD install notes

Some notes (for myself) on how I installed OpenERP (aka TinyERP) Server on a VMWare image of OpenBSD 4.3. Contrary to some howtos, here I want to install only the server version. IMHO mixing of server and client installs in howtos is extremely confusing and hindering.

Starting point

I have a VMWare image with OpenBSD 4.3 as the guest OS (from, running in VMware Fusion on Mac OS X.


Python and PostgreSQL versions compatible with OpenERP are important, but the documentation is misleading or nonexistant at the moment. For OpenERP tinyerp-server-4.2.3 you need Python 2.4 or 2.5 -- contrary to the wiki Python 2.3 will not work. There are some python idioms used in the source that didn't exist yet with Python 2.3 (see and and problems with set() not existing in Python 2.3).

Also tinyerp-server-4.2.3 doesn't work with PostgreSQL 8.3 - you have to use PostgreSQL 8.2 (see for now.


The hard part with OpenERP intalls is the huge list of dependencies. I'm installing whatever I can from the package system, some things I have to do by hand.

Installed from packages

  • python-2.5.2
  • py-libxml2
  • py-mxDateTime
  • py-parsing
  • py-psycopg1.1.21p6
  • py-xml0.8.4p3
  • py-tz
  • of course postgres8.2

These are pulling in some more of their own package dependencies. I'm not sure how many of them are actually necessary for running OpenERP.

Also tried to install the package py-matplotlib, but it wouldn't install without X (in some of its dependencies). Apparently this is only important to do some graphs, we'll see.

Installed manually

  • PIL (the py-Imaging package didn't install because of some dependency that in the end would have required X to be installed)
  • libxslt (didn't find a package), download libxslt source, do a ./configure --with-python=/usr/local (it took me some time to find out which path --with-python really wants: the python binary? the python lib dir? the include dir? no! it wants to be pointed to /usr/local/, that's all) - python has of course to be already installed when doing this
  • reportlab (some dependency didn't install - don't remember really, manual install was easy)

Setting up PostgreSQL

The information file for the OpenBSD port has good information, see /usr/local/share/doc/postgresql/README.OpenBSD This stuff has to be done as user _postgresql:

su - _postgresql

Create the "postgres database cluster":

initdb -D /var/postgresql/data -U postgres -A md5 -W

Start postgres:

postmaster -i -D /var/postgresql/data/ &

Installing OpenERP itself

I had lots of problems to get OpenERP to talk to PostgreSQL. Right now I have to run OpenERP as the _postgresql user, which is (e.g. because of security reasons) not really a good solution. I'll have to study up on postgres to find the proper way to do it. Without that hack it didn't let me create the "terp" database with the "demo" content, claiming the password being wrong (see also

Next I went and downloaded from the website. Unpacked it, moved it to a normal directory in my "home" folder (this probably should go to a more special place in a real install).

First run was to do:

python2.5 ~/tinyerp-server/bin/ -s

which will generate a config file .terp_serverrc. I did not have to change anything in there in this OpenBSD install, but on previous attempts on Mac OS X I had to mess around to get the path to the PostgreSQL binaries right.

Later to get it started normally, just do:

python2.5 ~/tinyerp-server/bin/

Connecting from OpenERP client

I have the OpenERP client installed on my macbook (in Mac OS X) and can connect to the server in the virtual machine.