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More information about VHM, Apache, Zope

Documentation for the complete process is available in your free copy of the Zope book, at the ZopeWiki page for Zope and Apache, and in the online help for the VirtualHostMonster object in the ZMI. Please consider this tool to be still in development. I would be happy to receive feedback and bug reports, but I am probably not able to help you with your every Apache + Zope setup problem.


One frequent problem gets people who choose "https" but don't change the port. Choosing https does not automatically change the port to 443, you have to do that yourself.

Another question that used to come up frequently is "why does the witch output two rules?" The old version of the witch produced two rules. The new version one-rule-to-rewrite-them-all witch has only one rule that covers both cases using an "or" operator in the regex. Why are two "cases" needed? This is to cover one corner case where the regular expression would sometimes redirect for URL's that shouldn't be redirected (the famous case of using "^/z0(.*)" which would mistakenly redirect /z0notzope too).

RewriteRule Witch - A RewriteRule Generator

The good RewriteRule Witch puts out simple Apache RewriteRule directives for Zope virtual hosting and "inside out" hosting. You will still need to know what you are doing, but maybe the witch relieves some of the details from the process. I wrote this because I tend to forget those details as I don't set up Zope virtual hosting every day.

STATUS: So far the witch works nice and reliable. She has already helped a lot of people. You are currently seeing an updated version of the witch (2006-10-22), which produces only one rule now, made possible through increased regex magic. Please send feedback if you have problems or praise to share!

For updates and other Zope stuff from me, have a look at my weblog, especially for my category "Zope".

Please, please, good witch, I want a rule to rewrite:


Rewrite requests coming into Apache at port for ...

http://www.mydomain.tld /
leave empty for domain only,
write sub-subdirectories as this/that).
(Note: Adjust port above as necessary, e.g. to 443!)


...into my Zope instance at port:
Where the base of the site is at the Zope subdirectory:
(leave empty for Zope root directly, write sub-subdirectories as this/that).