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15 December 2009

Rain Hitting the Hills

Try catching a lightning
Rain hitting the hills that surround Athens

Our new (ok, not so new any more) office is in the 7th floor. We've got a wide view. Some days just watching the weather unroll is a spectacle.

Today there was a lot of rain and lightning. Not a drop fell on our building, but the hills that surround Athens took some beating. Large quantities of water coming down. Black clouds moving to and from.

I stuck my little Pentax against the window, hoping to catch a lightning. But no such luck. Obviously calculating the reaction time of me and then the camera, it's useless to see a lightning and hit the button... and expect to have it on the picture. The proper way to do it is make a long exposure (about a minute maybe) and be lucky. To do so, one uses ND (for "neutral density") filters, to prolong the exposure time without overexposing the picture.

Silly me, I had not brought my ND filter to work. In fact, I don't even own an ND filter. Maybe I should buy one. Still, I liked one or two of the pictures I took.

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Re: Rain Hitting the Hills

Another nice picture from you! I'm really sure I was right today about your pixx superpowers ;D

Posted by: Wu at December 15,2009 23:22
Re: Rain Hitting the Hills

Thank you Wu! Not so sure about having any "superpowers" myself, I just try to take a decent pic.

I think you took some really good pictures yourself lately! I enjoyed them a lot!

Posted by: betabug at December 16,2009 09:18
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