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10 April 2010

10 Days of Work and Fun

All kinds of creativity
The good old Arca-Swiss on the rocks

Right after the Easter weekend, I stayed here in Naxos for another week. From Tuesday till Friday, I worked relaxed and creatively on new features in one of our office's projects. Apart from a somewhat restricted Internet connection (restricted per max bandwidth), I can work as if I was in the office. Things moved well, the relaxed environment always motivates me.

After work I used to pack up the Arca-Swiss, pick up a map and a guidebook and go roam the old hiking paths in the center of Naxos island. That way I'd get the last afternoon light and evening light, when landscape photography is most interesting. Only problem is that sometimes the light fades fast, so you have to work fast... and working fast isn't one of the strong points of the Arca.

Now I'm left with not even one frame of unexposed film. Time to go home and see what I have done. Even if nothing was on the film (knock on wood here), I had a splendid time roaming the hills and fields.

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