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01 November 2010

New Fresnel Screen on the Firstflex

A crappy 6x6 TLR with a good viewfinder
Look through my new fresnel on the Firstflex on my fridge

Last week I got my Firstflex (6x6 TLR, cheap Japanese Rolleicord copy) back from the camera repair shop. It wasn't broken, but it got "upgraded". Mr. Picopoulos put in a fresnel screen. The fresnel screen is placed in front of the matte screen ("in front" as in "between the lens and the matte screen"), which is different from how I'm used to it on large format cameras. This required re-setting the focusing distance of the top / viewer lens.

That hack was made possible, because my Firstflex was at some former point in its life fitted with a viewfinder from a Yashica. Since that was done before I owned the camera and since I had bought the camera from Mr. Picopoulos father, I guess it was his father who did the first hack.

The result is stunning: Where before I had a light spot in the center of the screen and corners so dark that I could only guess at an approximate composition... now the viewer looks as light as a Hasselblad's or Mamiya's. There is still a tiny bit of falloff in the corners. Also now I have that round clear spot in the center. Not too bad though, you just blend it out in your mind after the first 30 seconds.

I've spent hours just pointing the camera at things and looking. In the dark in the street. Inside the house, watching the effect of lamps on things. In the sun. With the sun shining on the camera - which is a problem only when the sun hits the screen directly, but then I can block it with my hand. It works great with everything. Took very little pictures so far, but that is more due to the season, as it gets darker early in the evening now. (The picture is taken with my crappy digital phone camera... no "real" digital camera available right now. Oh, you're looking through the Firstflex at my fridge... in the evening, with some lamp light only.)

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