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07 January 2011

Happy New Year and 6 years of ch-athens

Another, quiet year passed for this weblog

So, it's already January 7 and only now I'm writing my traditional New Years post. As this weblog was started as a new years resolution 6 years ago, I used to write a post about that most years. Some years I wrote that stuff on January 1st at 2am, other times it was the afternoon of the 1st or a few days later. Now it's a week later, which I think shows best that this blog has slacked down a lot.

My stats say there were (for all my site, not just the blog) 142486 visits and 199742 pageviews. Looking at the overall stats I posted last year, that's a slight increase over last year. It also can't really be compared to the years before, as I used to count hits on the RSS feeds back in those times. Sometimes I think most fluctuations in the stats are due to the spammers getting past my defenses sometimes a bit more or sometimes a bit less.

The biggest hits according to my stats were again the (German) tutorial for using OS X on the terminal and then one post about how to do date calculations in the shell. I'd like to claim that the good old Unix shell is a success, but honestly I think that google just sucks to an extend not seen before. Those guys have just given up, searching on google for most anything that is in relation to something that can be bought (i.e. almost everything) turns up mostly spam sites.

Ha, rants aside, I'm slacking on this blog. I'm distracted by my "other hobby", photography (which occasionally even results in posts with some photos) and not much into the "discovering Athens" posts any more - the stuff that got this weblog started.

Summing it up, my new years resolution from 6 years ago is still running, slowly. I'll see where it takes me from here, but I'm neither putting pressure on myself nor am I yet ready to let things go off. I'll just stay tuned to see what happens next.

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Re: Happy New Year and 6 years of ch-athens

Happy six years! I've been reading you for five of those, and it's been all good. Things evolve, as I know from first-hand experience, so there's nothing wrong with having a life and other interests, especially since we love the photos.

Posted by: kat at January 08,2011 10:52
Re: Happy New Year and 6 years of ch-athens

Χρόνια πολλά!

Posted by: Panagiotis at January 10,2011 16:05
Re: Happy New Year and 6 years of ch-athens

Thank you kat! Glad to know you liked those pictures!

Χρόνια πολλά και σε σένα Πάνο!

Posted by: betabug at January 11,2011 09:12
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