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20 June 2005

Athens Archaeological Museum

Cool museum visit on a hot weekend
Zeus or Poseidon at the Athens Archaeological Museum

This was a hot weekend. So for Sunday we decided to go to a Museum. If you didn't know, Museums are airconditioned. Nice to calm down and cool down. The choice of the day was the Archaeological Museum on Patission street. A nice museum, but very big.

Too much to view all in one go, actually. After half an hour I am unable to read any more little information blurps. Also one of my gripes with this museum is that in some of the exhibits, the labelling is really confusing and not very informative. So I see this interesting, spoon-like thing behind the glass. What might that be? It's labelled No. 80713. Now the search starts, because the descriptions are not in numerical order. They are in groups depending on donours, places where stuff was found etc. And when I finally find it, all it tells me is "Spoon-like object, found at..., dated ca. ...". Right.

Solution: Just enjoy the nice sculptures. Don't forget to visit the garden. The cafeteria actually has normal prices. The museum shop is much cheaper than the one in the Museum Benaki (a cup for 19 Euro anyone?), but still museum-grade prices (cup for 10 Euro). The picture shows a statue where the authorities are not quite agreeing if it shows Zeus or Poseidon. A powerfull god anyway.

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Re: Athens Archaeological Museum

The link to the museum is There, it is written that the statue is named "The Poseidon of Artemision". When you choose the greek language, it's written that the statue shows either Poseidon or Zeus. But, in english, they refer only to Poseidon. So, who really shows the statue?

Posted by: Mary at June 21,2005 12:49
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