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29 April 2013

Athens - Patra by Train (and some Bus)

The main train line is interrupted

To go from Athens to Patras, there used to be a great little train line. It was a bit old and slow, but it worked just fine. Then they started to dismantle it and building a new one. The old one is gone from Kiato to Patra, but the new one isn't finished yet (and due to the crisis, building it continues at a snails pace).

But it's still possible to go part of the way by train and have a continuation bus service by the train company. Advantages: - No need to go to the horrible KTEL bus terminal where the Patra busses leaves (it's horrible when you're there and it's complicated to get from there to the city center, and horrible especially at night). The central train station is connected to the Metro system. - You can enjoy a fast train ride till Kiato. - I found the bus for the continuation service to be more modern than most KTEL busses.

What we did is to go to the central train station (Stathmos Larissis, Larrisa Station) and buy our tickets and get our reservation there. The timetables can be found at the Trainose page for the Proastiakos . Scroll down to the bottom and open the last PDF link. Yes, the PDF is in Greek, but I guess it should be possible to figure it out. At the time of writing, I see 6 connections per day.

In Patras we got the tickets and reservation to go back to Athens right at the train station. The reservation cost nothing, the ticket was 17 Euro.

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Re: Athens - Patra by Train (and some Bus)

Hi, for the information. If I could please ask some more questions... I am trying to plan a trip from Athens to Kefalonia and one option I am considering was a train from Athens to Patras and then ferry to Kefalonia. Regarding the construction of the train far does the train from Athens go towards Patra and how long does it take to reach Patra using these forms of transportation. Also how far is the train station in Patras from the ferry port? Thank you! Jennifer

Posted by: Jennifer at May 01,2013 15:22
Re: Athens - Patra by Train (and some Bus)

Hi Jennifer,
looking at the timetable (as it is now) it tells me that when you start at Athens central station at 7:50 AM, you get to Kiato at 9:19 AM (switching trains once), change to the bus in Kiato and arrive at 12:00 am in Patras. That connection takes a bit long, as it makes many stops. When you start at 11:50 in Athens, you get to Kiato at 13:19, switch to the bus and arrive in Patras at 15:20.

I don't know where the ferries for Kefalonia are leaving, but I thought they are not directly from Patras, but from a town some distance to the west. Can't help you there. The ferry boats that leave from Patras (for example to Corfu and to Italy) are right next to the train station.
Hope that helps!

Posted by: betabug at May 01,2013 16:18
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