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16 August 2015

Transporting by Bike

Getting a new kitchen stove delivered
Transporting the new kitchen stove by bike

My old kitchen stove gave up its purpose in life lately. It started to short circuit whenever I turned it on. I'm not a huge fan of "throw it away", but this thing was beyond the trouble for me. So I bought a new one. But then... no car, and I needed the thing urgently, as we would be without anything to cook for the weekend. So the shop put the box on the bus (!) and we picked it up at the bus stop.

From the bus stop, it's about 600m to my place. The box isn't so big (it's one of those small stoves), but it's way to heavy to carry all the way. So that led to my trusty cyclocross bike (which currently features a rear rack for shopping runs) to serve as a cart. The setup was way too unstable to ride. Pushing it along was more or less ok, with some short moments of wobbling and threatening to fall. It reminded me a lot of what lots of people in African and Asian countries do: load up a bike full up, and push it along. The stove arrived home in one piece in the end, and cooking warm food resumed.

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Re: Transporting by Bike

hallo Sascha,

das war Dir doch klar, daß Eure traumhafte
Wohnlage auch einige klitzekleine Nachteile
Nochmals lieben Dank für den wunderschönen

Gruß Veit&Georg

Posted by: Veit&Georg at August 17,2015 08:50
Re: Transporting by Bike

Hallo Veit & Georg! Danke für den Besuch!

Jaja, da gibt's schon Nachteile, vor allem wenn man so dickköpfig ist und kein Auto haben will.

Posted by: betabug at August 17,2015 11:16
Re: Transporting by Bike

It would have been fun if you have recorded it with the phone (video) and the speed it up a bit (like they did on the "Benny Hill Show" on tv years ago!).

Posted by: Wu at August 18,2015 13:37
Re: Transporting by Bike

Wu, we would have needed a 3rd person to help recording :-)

Posted by: betabug at August 19,2015 19:00
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