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08 July 2005

Ferry Schedules to Greek Islands

Time for vacations coming closer

As my August vacation is drawing closer I am looking out for the ferry boat schedules. Also friends want to visit me in the litte house on Limnos. So more timetables to look up. Conclusion one: Limnos is hard to get to and come from. Conclusion two: There are multiple websites for ferry tickets and ferry reservation. They all work with the same database backend from forth-crs. Most of them have ugly sites with big graphics, large pages in bad html. One of them constantly crashed FireFox with a Java applet.

Today I finally found the "mother" of those sites, from the company that runs the database. So my recommendation for ferryboat timetables for Greece and Greek islands is I especially like the ability to do a search "from [ALL] to [LIMNOS]", so I get a display with ships coming from Pireus *or* Lavrio and going to my destination. On the other sites this is usually a two or three step process. The display of overnight trips is a bit confusing at first, but I was able to get used to it, since it is short and not very explicit, but the correct way (27/7/2005 01:00 - 13:40 is a boat leaving July 27th, 1AM in the night, while 28/8/2005 19:00 - 7:45 is a boat leaving July 28th 7PM and arriving the next morning 7:45). I also had a small problem testing the Trip search function with lynx, it seems that the "To" popup-menu is implemented with JavaScript, without a Noscript alternative. That's a pitty.

I haven't tryed any of the booking functions. The data of the timetibles is as accurate as it is on the other sites of that kind, they all operate with the same database in the backend.

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Re: Ferry Schedules to Greek Islands

Gah, this stupid Forthnet-CRS site is broken on Safari (I have to enter my seating class (usually economy) like 10 times before it actually produces any results and doesn't complain that I didn't fill it in - furthermore the stupid thing doesn't keep a history of my options so if I go back a page, I have to re-enter my info).

Anyways, not your issue or concern, and thanks for posting links and info.

Posted by: Adonis at August 06,2009 21:52
Re: Ferry Schedules to Greek Islands

I wasn't clear: I didn't mean the site you gave, but eventually it takes me to the stupid Forthnet-CRS site... (ex: - I've also seen other variations of it with other colors which must be customized for certain clients, like ferry companies, but it's the same garbage).

Posted by: Adponis at August 06,2009 21:55
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