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28 January 2016

Reading Conflict Markers in Darcs

Doctor, it's an urgent case of RTFM!

Here I had to merge a substancial feature branch in our main development tree, with some complicated conflicts coming up. Since even with a small team of developers it's still rare to get conflicts working with darcs, when it's finally happening, enough time has passed for me to forgot details, and I usually have to look up what to do again.

I found the FAQ page on conflicts in darcs to be a good starting point, but quite often in the past I have gotten stuck on the darn conflict markers themselves. I mean, it's clear enough that here there be conflicts, but which point of the marker is which state?

It's not mentioned in the FAQ page. But that's ok for the FAQ page, since the answer is clearly a case of RTFM. Typing darcs help mark-conflicts into a friendly shell near you gets you:

v v v v v v v
Initial state.
First choice.
Second choice.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

... which is nice and clear. With multiple conflicts in the same file, the "First choice" and "Second choice" are not always referring to the same patch, but usually things are clear enough for me once I figure out things this far. The hint to run darcs help on mark-conflicts came from the output darcs gives me when I try to apply a patch with conflicts.

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Re: Reading Conflict Markers in Darcs

Good one, I'll keep the url in mind for a near future ;)

Posted by: r0sk at February 04,2016 10:12
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