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19 April 2018


5 days of work and a tiny bit of fun
Working into the sunset at the cafe Santana in Agia Anna

Twice a year me and the friends who work together on this project get together and work concentrated for a week or so. Usually we're remote working and part of the team is in Spain, part in Greece. So putting our heads together once in a while "in real life" is a Good Thing(TM). Apart from work days, we usually also leave some days free to do something all together, the so-called "social days". The last few years, the cyclists in the team go on a long ride together. This time it was all a bit condensed...

The official sprint tshirt


We call these get-togethers a "sprint". This spring, our sprint was here on Naxos. Due to family matters, some of the team members were a bit time-restrained, so we had only 5 working days, no "social days" at all. Ah well, can't always have it all! We are a very family-friendly team, so sometimes there is a bit of a downside too for that. Since things were to be a bit more "quick", we named this sprint "EspressoSprint". Quick, short, or not, it was good to have this sprint, as with all the ups and downs of organizing it, for a moment it had looked as if it wouldn't happen. I'm really glad we managed to go through with it!

The umbrellas at the cafe del mar

Working at the beach

The last time we were on Naxos, we were situated in the inland of the island, more towards the mountains. This time we were right on the beach. Agios Prokopios is a very touristy area of Naxos. During the tourist season in summer, I wouldn't house my friends there (unless they were into that bumbum-disko-beach-junkfood kind of vacation). But now in spring, Agios Prokopios was barely awake, most activity seen were shop owners painting and repairing. Our friend Mauro had convinced some friends to open their hotel and their beach bar / restaurant early for us.

Especially the cafe del mar in Agios Prokopios was a big success. Both for us, as we had a great time there, lots of work space, great food and service - but also for them, as the weather was quite good and their shop attracted more customers than expected. They had some umbrellas on the beach too, and except for one cloudy day, there was a bit of business most of the time.

One of the evenings we moved to the Cafe Santana over in Agia Anna (another Naxos tourist hotspot), where we worked right into the sunset. It was very nice, but I wasn't dressed warm enough, so I got myself a bit of a cold.

Working at the cafe del mar

Getting work done

Then there was our own business: Programming! In a sprint, it's usually good to concentrate on the things that profit when you are working in direct contact with the others in the team. So we discussed some things, we looked and solved problems in the UI parts, we reviewed and tested work and fixed the things that came up. We had to digest a u-turn decision of the customer, but I think we managed to get out with a good solution for that.

Working at the cafe del mar

It happens in some sprints that I have to talk so much my voice gets all coarse! Some sprints are all about meetings and discussions, this one was a good mix. I got to write some code, got to test out some stuff. I didn't write as much code as I wanted, but that's OK, I can do that on my own too. I would rate this as a very productive sprint.

Out cycling

Fun and food

Even though there were no "social days", the three cyclists in the team (minus the one temporarily injured cyclist), managed to get three nice rides in. We didn't have time for doing a long ride, but we had fun! We also spent a good amount of time eating out and enjoying good naxian food. The cafe del mar provided us with very good italian food for most of the days lunch, so we didn't lose much time to go out for lunch.

Out cycling

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