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05 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019! Καλή Χρονιά! Guets Neus!

This weblog has lasted 14 years already...
A nice Vasilopita

A nice and Happy New Year 2019 to everybody! This winter has brought some nice rains to the island of Naxos so far and the night into the new year was no exception. We passed the year mark in a good downpour. Which for the island is a good thing, and personally I was glad to be warm and cozy inside!

The picture shows a typical greek βασιλόπιττα (vasilopitta, a cake eaten on new year's day, with a hidden "coin" inside for someone to find).

2018 was... I don't know. One of those years. It had a lot of ups and downs I guess. Some difficult times, but also some good friends to help going through those times. Sometimes things can only be taken one step at a time.

In blog years, 2018 was lame. This weblog has been around for 14 full years now, but it spent 2018 on "minimal mode". The start wasn't even so bad, with 2 posts per month in the first month, and then even a spike of activity in April (when we had our "sprint" on Naxos). But then it went down to "oh oh, it's already the end of the month, time to write a post to not have an empty month!" (again). Sometimes I had ideas for quick, short posts in the style I used to have in the first years of this blog... but then other things were happening, and I forgot again. Too bad. I don't know how to rekindle my own interest in the blog, but at least I'm not thinking about stopping.

In cycling, I did quite well in 2018. I rode a 200km brevet in January, and managed to ride very slightly more than 10'000km in a year. My strongest year so far. I have no new goals for cycling in 2019, for now the goal is only to have fun out riding.

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Re: Happy New Year 2018! Καλή Χρονιά! Guets Neus!

Happy new year!

The best plan (or goal) is to not have a plan (or goal)!

Posted by: Wu at January 05,2019 23:52
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