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15 January 2019

Again to the Snowy Top of Mount Zas

We've been there 2 years ago
A cairn on the way up to mount Zas

Two years ago we had visited the top of mount Zas (the highest mountain on Naxos) on a snowy day. Last winter we didn't get any snow, but there was a tiny bit of snow at the beginning of January this year. Time for another go!

Again we went from the easier approach, from the church of Agia Marina on the road to Danakos. (Take the main road from Filoti to Apeiranthos, turn right to Danakos, and after the ascending part of the road tops out, there is the little church.) On the road to Apeiranthos there was already a bit of snow and slush in some spots, but the side road to Danakos had more of it, a pretty good layer of slushy snow. The rental car - with summer tires - managed to get up with only a tiny bit of sliding and slipping. I must admit I was thinking about how to get back down afterwards though.

Path up to mount Zas on Naxos

The last time we had a bit more snow, and what was way worse, the wind had caused some snow drifts in places. You couldn't guess from the bushes sticking out of the snow if those bushes were tiny and the snow only a few centimeters deep or if the snow had drifted up, the bushes were half a meter high and as soon as you put your weight on your foot you'd sink in to your hips. I had gotten some scratched hands and a lot of snow into my shoes that way.

This year it was nothing like it. The snow was only a couple of centimeters deep and some of the rocks were blown snow free by the wind. The hike was much easier this year. So much in fact, that we were surprised how fast we reached some of the landmarks. The temperatures were fine too, only near the peak, where the wind started to get straight at us, was it ever a bit uncomfortable.

Panorama at the top of mount Zas with some snow

The view from the top was again really nice. Obviously there were clouds around, but in some areas we could see quite far. The way down was even easier, as we had to spend even less effort to find the path. On the way up we had to keep an eye out for path marking and cairns to make sure we got the right way. On the way down our footsteps in the snow guided us too.

View from mount Zas

As we came back, close to the starting point of Agia Marina, we noticed that the snow got more watery, more slushy. In lots of places meltwater was already dripping down. When we got to the car we found the road had become snow-free (or slush-free), so in the end, driving down was no problem at all.

(Here is my report of the last time we went up to mount Zas with snow - in German.)

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