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31 August 2005

Picking Up at an "Old" Project

First day at work after a vacation

Today is my first day back at work after a months vacation. After saying hello and asking everyone how they spent their vacation time, I got back to work where I left on my "old" project. In fact it's not that easy, since I completely "got away" from work on my vacation. So I made a little plan on how to get back into things...

First thing I made this little list. Then I started doing the things on the list. Then my boss called me over and we spun ideas and outlooks about how what we are building will grow and what it will come out to be in the end. That could be considered a distraction, but it turns out it wasn't. Instead it helped me get back into the gedankenexperiment that programmers turn into reality by typing into vi. But, here is my list:

This may not be the ultimate list for the task of getting back into code after vacation, but so far I'm getting along. Feel free to recommend additions and corrections!

On the personal side, I like my work, so it's not that hard to get back to it. But still, after a month of hanging out it is a change to sit in the same chair all day. But hacking on Zope stuff will bring enough distraction soon.

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