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04 February 2006

Blog Tapping

Stats going up

The last post about the phone tapping scandal here in Greece was quite the success. Bruce Schneier linked to it, later Slashdot linked to Bruce Schneier. And since then that post got a lot of views. February already surpassed all of January in the stats. Right now the post had 5700 pageviews. It's fun to watch the access log scroll by. Even then, these numbers are not that high, about 15 hits per minute. For some websites out there that would be a joke. My server wasn't breaking a sweat either, 97% idle at all times (even though a B&W G3/350 isn't a big iron). Looks like my setup with Zope and COREBlog is working fine too (especially the setup with a RAMCacheManager, the machine rarely ever touches the disk at all).

Only very few of the visitors look at other pages too, about 94% see only the one page. But even with the few who look at another page, I feel there might be some people who maybe found something interesting that I had to provide. If you see this, take a look around and (for example) discover some of the interesting things you can experience in a visit to Athens or the island of Limnos.

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