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11 October 2006

Site Update Trivia

Not much changed

A few very small things have changed on this site: First, my friend xsa has finally unslacked enough to publish some of his stuff in a weblog. His feed took the place of kassandra (who seems to be on a blogging hiatus, but I'll be happy to re-list her when she starts to post her excellent writings again). In the process I discovered the problem behind the missing dates for the posts *and* managed to fix the stuff. [pats own back here]

Next thing I noticed that the one page about me had a number of hits over time. I think some of them are people who found my site due to some search query or a bad humored coincidence and then possibly clicked on that link to find out who is behind all that. The page in question had some information, but nothing that could give a quick idea. So I changed that, which was an interesting experience, writing about myself. Now we can go back to our daily lifes of luxury and fun!

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