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31 October 2006

Day at IGF Sum-Up

Interesting, after all
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Here I am, back home, still a bit cold after all the rain I've been in and out of. To sum up this day, I've seen and heard some interesting things, I've been reminded that all these problem areas on the Internet now and in the future need solutions. I helped getting the story of mentioned once in the "Openness" session (where Kieren McCarthy brought it up), and once I mentioned it again in the afternoon session in the big room, when I sneaked it into a question I asked...

In the morning, after the small end of the "Openness" session that I was able to hear, I went to eat. Note to everybody: Do not eat at the Divani Apollon in Vouliagmeni, my pasta was absolutely lame and completely unsalted. This business took considerable time, because everybody had the same idea together. After lunch, I went to the "Security" session in the big room. I heard a lot of nice words. People in the audience from all over the world gave input and raised awareness of their issues. Some of the panelists were interesting and had an oppinion or two. I've already mobloged about the Chinese speaker. A bit after I sent that out, I got around to write my name on a little piece of paper to ask a question.

In my question I managed to bring over the point I had written into that post and also I sneaked in the case *again* by mentioning that I believed that governments are more keen on hunting down opposing bloggers instead of going after spammers. My claim that my server logs could produce spammers IPs faster than the Chinese speaker could write them down prompted the moderator to have the Chinese speaker answer my question. He just repeated what he had said before, that they were cooperating and had been going after some IPs that the australians and korean authorities had given them. Then he said that they had built a website where they published the IPs of servers that spewed out SPAM, and that they leave them there for 3 months, after which time they went to look if the situation with those IPs had improved any. Note to Spammers: Just rent servers in China, you can savely send out SPAM for 2 months and 3 weeks.

At which point I broke out in laughter, then I left. I went downstairs and attended a workshop on Free Expression with panelists from Microsoft (likely MSN), the american government, the french government, Reporters sans Frontieres, Amnesty International, and some others I forgot. The thing was about content filtering the Internet. Apparently many, many countries do that, one of the organizations monitoring these filterers is trying to keep track on over 40 countries filtering Internet access.

I don't think any solution was found, except for an audience member from the Hellenic Linux User Group. He is a teacher and he works the only real solution - but of course nobody wants to do what he does, because it requires a spine - he does *no* Internet filtering whatsoever in his school, but he makes sure that he is there at all times when students use the Internet. If anything inappropriate comes up, he can address the matter right there.

After the workshop I briefly talked to the journalists again and left for the bus. At the bus station I was recognized by my blog reader Giorgos. Man, that's fame! Not giving interviews to The Register and the BBC at the same day (OK, really just answering some of their questions, but you know what I mean), not speaking (OK, one question from the audience, but you ...) at the same event like a Greek Government Spokesperson and Minister, but being recognized on the street! Now if the other two of my readers (yeah, I'm looking at you!) would come over for a visit from time to time, we could do the same spiel in front of my house, and I could feel important and special more often. (And yes, we really haven't met in person before.)

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Re: Day at IGF Sum-Up

Of coz you're famous!
You have more than just two readers and I look forward to the day that we'll meet.
Until then, I'll keep reading your thoughts.


Posted by: Rodolfo Gouveia at November 01,2006 11:44
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