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06 March 2007

Greece on Wireless

Come in, we're open!

Another big Yay! to my boss, I got a new MacBook [1]. Armed with this one and its built in Airport card, I checked the wifi nets both at my old and new place... wow, has Greece changed in respect to the Internet...

3 (even 2) years ago I had hoped to come here and be able to leech a wifi connection sometimes, but there was nothing around. Now I noticed that at the new appartment I have very friendly neighbours. I haven't met them, but they offer free and open wifi to everyone. I think once we've moved in I'll introduce myself and give them a helping hand. But their network was only one amongst 3 that I noticed.

Same at the old place, only that I spotted 6 or 7 networks there. Didn't check which one's were open, but given the default router names for SSIDs I assume a lot. Even here at $WORKPLACE I can "see" wifi networks. It might be finally time to get one of those little keychain wifi detectors here. Athens has loaded up with open wireless networks, either intentionally (the proper way to get free wifi through AWMN volunteers wifi network or AthensWifi at Syntagma square) or unintentional through your unintentionally "friendly" neighbours.

1: What can I say? The MacBook roxx. It feels good to have a real portable computer again too.

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Re: Greece on Wireless

I also got a macbook 2 months ago, and the airport extreme card works fine to detect wifi spots. Before I got the mac, I used an old toshiba laptop with a USRobotics pcmcia wireless card, with which I found less wifi points.

The point is that the wifi spots could be there before, but you didn't find them. :D (or that's my case anyway).

Posted by: Wu at March 09,2007 11:51
Re: Greece on Wireless

No way were those wifi nets around 3 years ago. Back then most people around here had barely heard about ADSL, and wifi was almost completely unknown.

The wifi antenna in the MacBook is really very good, you are right. I have constantly better reception than other computers I tried next to it. The Tibook definitely sucked in that respect, but that's a well known fact.

Posted by: betabug at March 13,2007 12:51

Does anyone know if its possible to operate a wireless laptop in Mykonos? Can service be purchased? I plan to be there for 5 weeks

Posted by: Clint at May 30,2007 03:10
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