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22 March 2005

Some Hints On Using a Bug Tracker / Issue Tracker:

And I'm using Roundup by the way

Working on a project for HelMUG (actually just helping a bit out, way too little time left for this), I came to the conclusion that some good tipps on using an Issue Tracker could be usefull for a lot of people, and not just those of HelMUG - the greek Mac User Group. Read on...


Q Why should I enter stuff into the Issue Tracker, anyone looking at the project will just see what has to be done.

A Not really. Not all your developers / helpers / friends may have time to go through your project and see what has to be done. Also if they did, they might end up fixing the easy todos over and over, leaving the hard issues forever unsolved.

Q I would put more stuff into the Issue Tracker / update my stuff in the Issue Tracker more often, but nobody else does that and it looks like I'm the only one, so what sense does it make?

A Obviously someone has to start. The more up to date an Issue Tracker gets, the higher is the peer pressure on others to update and the more usefull is the Tracker.

Q What issue tracker are you using?

A I'm using roundup, the best there is, simple, easy, just the right stuff, python.

Note: Due to spambots hitting like crazy on this blog entry, I had to move it to another location. This might confuse some RSS readers and some of the site structure. Sorry for the mess!

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