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23 March 2005

mutt, ελληνικά, greeklish, OpenBSD and the Mac OS X Terminal

Teaching the dog fake greek

Just teached the mutt to autoconvert ISO-8859-7 Greek to "greeklish". On my Mac OS X PowerBook utf-8 works fine with and mutt, but when I use the mutt on my OpenBSD server (through ssh and I get a mess. Now I can have all this transliterated to (fake, ugly, but working) greeklish. Read on...

The recipe so far consists of:

An example mailcap file with entries for text/plain encodings. From this I created 2 new lines in my mailcap file (~/.mutt/mailcap):

text/plain; gr2gr -l ; \
        test=test "`echo %{charset} | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'`" = iso-8859-7; \
text/plain; cat ;copiousoutput

These will pipe text/plain content with iso-8859-7 encoding through gr2gr. I also had to put the line:
auto_view text/plain
into my muttrc file.

Next was of course this program "gr2gr", which is a perl script I found mentioned on the hellenic-howto. Download link is:


Subject: Greek                                                                  
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 16:55:31 +0200                                           
X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.619.2)                                                  
[-- Autoview using gr2gr -l --]                                                 
Ta ellhnika einai polu eukola!                                                  

Update: I'm now using my own python Greek to Greeklish converter, which does Unicode UTF-8 too

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Re: mutt, ελληνικά, greeklish, OpenBSD and the Mac OS X Terminal

Or, you can use good-old xterm from Works fine when i connect to my OpenBSD server, with ssh, and mutt shows greek characters in emails just fine.

Posted by: Thanos Tsouanas at June 28,2007 19:13
Re: mutt, ελληνικά, greeklish, OpenBSD and the Mac OS X Terminal

Hi guys,

I have a problem that I think is relevant. I am using geektool to display my calendar on the desktop, but the greek entries do not show up properly. I read this has to do with the fact that xterm does not read utf-8, so a way to correct it is grep the command to iconv and convert. However, I can not find the proper encoding for displaying greek in xterm. Tried iconv -f utf-8 -t iso-8859-7 to no success. Do you have any ideas?

Thanks a lot,

a greek geek in Zurich

Posted by: George at April 02,2009 16:36
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