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05 June 2008

Web Developer wanted in Athens

What's with those PHP guys hiding?

My friend Manos (aka "scud" from HelMUG) is looking for a web developer. He's looking for a while already. I know him for a long time now and I know from experience that he's a serious guy to work with, so I can really recommend him. I've been to their new offices, which are very nice, close to the sea (ok, not really next to the sea, but close enough to be able to get to the sea for a stroll after work), decently reachable by public transport.

The job he offers is for someone for full time, working in their offices. They have various projects for clients and some of their own stuff. The catch: It's apparently mostly PHP. You can go and check out his JobAd (in Greek, on my wiki for now).

So what's it with programmers in Greece? Heck, PHP isn't rocket science! There ought to be some people around who know decent PHP (or other web technologies, personally I don't like PHP at all, but don't let that stop you) and are looking for a good job. But so far... no, he's still searching. There are lots of kids who know zilch, nothing out there. BTW: No, knowing "Dreamweaver" is not a substitute for knowing the underlying HTML and that's just one example of the kind of stuff he got. Anyway, if you are interested or know someone who might be, check out the ad (in Greek).

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Re: Web Developer wanted in Athens

I'm not a fan of the "old php way". But I have to say that right now things have improved a lot.

Time ago someone sat in his/her sofa and said:
* I like perl and C
* I like CGI
* I will mix all together and I will obtain a juice of execution-per-request with a new language called php.

Of course that was 8 years ago, and for that moment it was quite cool. A simple language embedded in the webserver (bye bye CGI). The PHP juice became popular and even if it wasn't good at least "you had something to drink".

Right know there are lots of people addicted to that juice. Even if PHP got new versions with more vitamins (OOP) and more flavours (frameworks). Many many php web applications are based in the .php file for everything, and if not, thousands of includes.

This outlook is quite depressing. It's not the same to work with CakePHP than with raw PHP.

So I can understand that good developers are doing other things, and for a raw PHP job, you can only find the left overs.

But my level of boredom in my company is so high that the ad is tempting.

Posted by: graffic at June 06,2008 12:10
Re: Web Developer wanted in Athens

Most of the web developers I know are quite happy with where they are...or petrified of making a change. ;)

Posted by: Kat at June 21,2008 12:00
Re: Web Developer wanted in Athens

I'm experienced web developer (over 30 web pages) - php, perl, mysql, html, javascript. Please contact me. I'm ready to work remotely.


Posted by: Kostadin at June 26,2008 23:55
Re: Web Developer wanted in Athens

Kostadin, I will forward your email address, but please keep in mind that the add says: "Μόνο για full-time και in-house" which translates to "only full-time and in-house".

Posted by: betabug at June 27,2008 10:26
Re: Web Developer wanted in Athens

Just moved to athens. PHP Programmer.
Check my portfolio and resume.

Posted by: Simplex0 at July 20,2008 20:31
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