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28 August 2008

Installing OpenERP (aka TinyERP)

Depending on dependencies...

The last few days at work I played around with installing OpenERP (which was born as TinyERP). It's a pain. Instructions are confusing, partially non-existing, sometimes misleading. Wow, Zope installation is actually child's play against this (even taking into account that I have a few years more experience with Zope).

Part of the odyssey was a binary installer for Mac OS X PowerPC (great idea for trying something out!) who used Python 2.3, even though in the end the product wouldn't actually run with Python 2.3. Then came a manual install on Mac OS X Intel 10.4 where at some random point I chose the newer PostgreSQL 8.3 - but current production TinyERP/OpenERP doesn't work with that. In the end I switched to installing on a virtual machine image with OpenBSD as the guest OS - if I mess that up it's easier to throw away. I've put my notes on my wiki (work in progress, not yet done, YMMV, etc. etc.).

Maybe I should add that contrary to source install on unix-derived systems, the windows binary installers actually worked fine, but then I don't really want to do anything on windows.

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Re: Installing OpenERP (aka TinyERP)


I am sorry if you have any problems with the installation of OpenERP on Mac OS X, but If you want, you can send bug reports to the bugtracker of LaunchPad, ( OpenERP is hosted on LaunchPad with Bazaar )


Posted by: Stephane Wirtel at September 03,2008 01:48
Re: Installing OpenERP (aka TinyERP)

Salut Stephane!
I don't think outdated information in the wiki is something that requires a bug report in Launchpad. Instead I just created an account in the wiki and corrected the information about the required Python and PostgreSQL versions.

I'll write more about the outcome of my OpenERP adventure in a further post.

Posted by: betabug at September 03,2008 10:12
Re: Installing OpenERP

Use fedora core 10 i tested in debian uff not very good in ubuntu dosnt work use fedora core 10 fedora core 12 have python 2.6 so i dosnt work very well

Posted by: humberto riveros at February 19,2010 19:14
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