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16 January 2009

Powerless Souvlaki

But the atmosphere was nice

Having a lazy evening at home, I went out to get some Souvlaki. As I approached my usual place, I noticed that they had no lights. Power failure, but apparently everybody around them had electricity. Inside they'd put up a petroleum light and they were still able to sell "pita gyros", as the gyros-thing is heated by gas. There are some things they could do on the charcoal grill, but without the ventilation to push out the smoke that is not a good idea.

A fat guy from the electricity company was there, investigating and in the end deciding to send over a repair team, promised to arrive the same evening. The shop people were obviously annoyed by all this. Well, I got my food and I've still got electricity at my place, so I can post and read comic books.

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