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29 April 2005

Re: iPod hard reset

Lots of people have iPod connection trouble, for some of them it's over

From Tor's weblog: His sons iPod had the problem that it would not be recognized by the Mac. Tor mentions the hard reset procedure that brought the connection back again. So here are my own experiences.

They were lucky that this worked. As one can see on the Apple Discussion boards, some people had iPod problems since the upgrade to 10.3.7, and a lot of them could not resolve those problems with any remedy. Apple had no feedback or acknowledgement whatsoever. My own iPod would not connect to the G4 at work any more (except for charging) after I had foolishly left the iPod connected while running the update to 10.3.7. At home everything was fine, so I was not too worried. But none of the procedures mentioned brought the connection to the G4 back, and the G4 would also not see any other devices connected to the Firewire. Quite simple conclusion: The Firewire was hosed on the G4.

A few days ago I started to update to 10.3.9, but after noticing that the download took ages and with me having more important things to do than to wait for OTEnet to get their shit together I cancelled out the update. I can't say that this was the cure, but I was lucky because to my great surprise the next morning when I hooked up my iPod it connected just fine. Maybe the updater had already made some setups? Whatever I just "had a fat ass" as the Greeks say for someone who is extremely lucky.

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Getting Firewire Back From G4 to iPod

As noted in my famous[1] post
iPod hard reset, I've
had trouble connecting my iPod to the G4 in my office before. The first
time around I had the iPod hooked up while running "Software
Update" and subsequently rebooting. Bad idea, the iPod wouldn't connect
to the G4 any more, but it would still work with my PowerBook. (On the G4
it did charge, but did not show up on the Desktop / in iTunes / in the
System Profiler / in Disk Utility.)
Diagnosis: Hosed Firewire on the G4. Somehow confirmed by the inability
to get other Firewire devices to work. But nothing is as lame as a valid
diagnosis when you can't change it. So looking for solutions I had
discovered the various ways to "reset" the Firewire on a G4. Back then
I solved that problem through luck, then it came back and I solved it

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