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24 April 2009

Berlin Brides

The surprise of the evening
K44 bar in Gazi Area / Athens

In a classical case of how it usually is, yesterday evening Panos carried me and some friends to a concert. Usually it's him dragging me to some far fetched and weird music events, which - most of the time - turn out quite good. No big names though, no 80 Euros for the cheapest standing place "you can watch the show on the screen" shows - but I digress. Anyway, yesterday the word was that this was going to be some kind of punk-rockish inspired thing. Ever since I started to listen to podcasts my initial sympathy for that kind of music had turned into willingness to actually listen. So there we were.

A hint of Berlin Brides playing in a crowd at the K44 in Athens

But, surprise, surprise, we weren't treated to some kind of punk, but rather to a collection of groups playing at the "Velvet Bus" festival, starting with some group (playing quite good) that I would without hesitation put into the "emo" drawer, over another group that didn't leave that much of an impression. Last act we heard (I was a bit tired and left early) were the Berlin Brides, some girls who make very inspired and electronic music. Totally grooving, danceable. I'm no expert to name the genre or something but I liked the sound a lot and had a good time. Recommended listening.

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Re: Berlin Brides

Thank you thank you thank you!
It really means a lot that you liked our show!
Cool photo!
Can you e-mail it to us please (at a higher resolution)?

Posted by: Berlin Brides at April 28,2009 09:20
Re: Berlin Brides

Well done girls! I didn 't expect you to be that good! Keep on the good work!

Posted by: Panos at April 28,2009 09:54
Re: Berlin Brides

Sure I'll send you the photo! Glad you liked it :-)

Posted by: betabug at April 29,2009 11:03
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