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29 April 2009

Connect Zope to ZEO across Europe

Long Distance...

Just did an interesting test setup here... installed a ZEO server on a machine I have in a housing with good bandwidth in Austria, then connected a Zope instance as a ZEO client to it, from here in Greece. Took me a couple of minutes to setup. I can say it works at least for a first test setup. What this means is that the local machine renders web pages with data from a database that is 1288 km away...

Red tourist train in Athens (Thision area)

More about the setup: In Athens I'm on a quite lame ADSL connection (theoretically 4Mbps/1Mbps). The machine in Vienna has nice, phat pipes. Both have about the same CPU power and RAM setup (dual core 2.x Ghz, 4Gig RAM, so nothing special these days). I'm tunneling the Zope-ZEO connection over SSH port forwarding. This is just a first test setup, so I'd have to think about keeping the ssh connection open despite frequent line drops and sometimes high packet loss on the Greek ADSL connection. I have the ZEO mount point "cache-size" parameter at 30000 objects.

Some observation: Rendering pages is quite fast. Startup of Zope is fast too, but so far I have got almost no data in there, so that means nothing. After startup or restart the first requests take quite some time, probably the cache has to be primed. Have to think about persistent ZEO caches here maybe. The first write to the DB took quite long too, but that was the "main" object of my application. Further writes to the db seem to be done with an acceptable speed, but then I'm right now a single user doing almost nothing here.

There are a lot of "ifs" and "buts". My idea of a setup is a ZEO+Zope setup for serving pages on the fast lines in Austria. For updating content, there would be a second connection from a local Zope here in Greece. That way, customers would benefit from the fast lines, while we could work locally doing data insertions that are computing and local disk access intensive.

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