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The bug travelling around in Greece (and maybe even further sometimes?)
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18 March 2016

Going to Paris

Just jump over
Leaving Naxos

So there I was, climbing into the little plane (Dash 8) on the little airport on Naxos. Heading for Athens... and then on to Paris. The airport in Naxos is really kind of a family affair. Also you see that road in the picture? It has the only traffic lights on the island. They turn red when a plane is starting or landing.

Crossing the alps, not on an elephant

In Athens I had only a short wait, then I boarded a plane (a few sizes bigger) to hop over the alps. Another unspectacular flight. I thought of how fun it would be to have my friend Oscar with me... not. He doesn't like flying. I used the time on the plane to read in a trash SciFi novel. Time well spent. Only other observation: The seat space seems to be even smaller than it used to be. I don't think I could have opened my laptop, and it's 12.5" small.

View from plane approaching Paris

For once I arrived in Paris with daylight. No idea why I don't remember this happening again. Either my memory is warped, or it never happened before. Getting into town by train and to my friends' house was unspectacular, having done this trip already a number of times.

Morning in Paris

The next morning I went to town. Paris was its usual weird self. The weather wasn't actually that bad, coldish, but sunny. I walked around some, but due to my leg problems, I'm not to used to it anymore. So I spent some time reading in small cafes. Also had a good business meeting, because that's actually why I came here for.

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31 March 2016

Back from Paris

... and at home since a while

So, I came back from Paris. I had a very nice and successful week there. Apart from the business stuff, I also did a tiny bit of tourism. Not too much, since walking around currently isn't really my strong point. On the last day I noticed that I had started to limp. Ah, never ending story with that leg, it seems.

After the "vacation", I needed a few days of rest though. The main reason was that I spent an overnight at the Athens airport. My plane from Paris arrived at 23:40, my plane to Naxos left at 7:15. The airport hotel is ridiculously expensive. So I just whiled away the hours. There are some places where you can try to get some sleep, but since I was alone, I didn't fall asleep at all. I re-watched an old movie ("A Sunday in Hell"), then read up a bit on the Intarwebz, since during the days in Paris, I was mostly enjoying offline time. The first 3-4 hours passed quite fast, then somehow the clock seemed to slow down.

The worst was clearly over when I met some friends while waiting for boarding on the little plane to Naxos. The flight passed really quick. I had a nice window seat again, but this time I forgot to take the camera out of my cabin bag, so no propeller pics.

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