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The media are different whereever you go. Or aren't they?
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21 October 2010

Way to go, Marketeers and Wannabe-Spammers

Looks like times are hard, why not make some people angry?

Looks like times are hard. The last view weeks I've increasingly received e-mail advertising from companies whose customer I was once a long time ago. Quite often I hardly remember what the product was or when I bought it. Seems that now they remember that they have those mail lists around and... "why don't we spam them a bit, since we have them?"

Most of them seem to be pretty aware that what they'll mostly get is annoyed people. Hey, we're dealing with this "spam" thing for such a long time that most people consider it "spam" even if it isn't UCE (unsolicited comercial email). Sensing this, these companies usually feature an unsubscribe link popular on top. There are some who even turn it around, they send one mail that asks you to confirm that you want to receive marketing mails. When DynDNS tried that, it probably didn't work out the way they expected: So they sent 2 or 3 reminders behind it, to notify me that I really won't receive any mails if I don't react.

Today's mail (that triggered this post) was from a company called Prosoft Engineering. They make a program called "Data Rescue" (which recovers deleted and formatted data on Macintosh HFS disks, good thing). I think we've bought that thing in the company once a long time ago in an emergency. Well, the funny thing with the marketing spam from Prosoft Engineering was, that it said:

Please reconfirm your interest in receiving email from us. If you do not wish to receive any more emails, you can unsubscribe here Confirm URL h..p://

So, there it is, what everybody searches at first sight: The unsubscribe link. But click on it and you'll get a screen saying "Email address confirmed". Uh, that's not what we wanted... look again. The text says that you can unsubscribe here, but then right following is the "confirm" URL. The "unsubscribe" URL is at the end of the mail. Their "marketing" department will be happy to have a lot of "confirmed" mail addresses... with lots of very annoyed mail recipients on the next mass mailing they send out.

Also funny is the use of a throwaway domain, registered to some random company. They probably expect this domain to land on various black lists and don't want to get their proper company domain in trouble. Way to go, wannabe-spammers from Prosoft Engineering.

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06 December 2010

Schaden für die Diplomatie?


Die NZZ berichtete über die Einrichtung von durch die Schweizer Piratenpartei. Ich gab einen Kommentar zum Artikel ab:

Schadet es der Diplomatie nicht viel eher, wenn man UN-Diplomaten bespitzelt? Gefährdet man die eigenen Diplomaten nicht eher, wenn man sie illegal in Spionage verwickelt? Die schmutzigen Geschäfte der Amerikaner sind nicht durch Wikileaks entstanden, sie wurden dadurch nur an die Öffentlichkeit gebracht. Ich wünsche mir von der NZZ mehr Einsatz für Pressefreiheit und Quellenschutz. Wikileaks sollte ein Vorbild für investigativen Journalismus sein. Die Zensur von Wikileaks ist nur ein Vorreiter für weit schmerzhaftere Presse-Maulkörbe, demnächst darf die NZZ vielleicht über die Kriege in Afganistan und Irak nur noch die amerikanischen Presse-Meldungen abdrucken... alles andere "würde Menschenleben gefährden".

Die Richtlinien für Kommentare der NZZ lauten:

"Die Redaktion sichtet die Leserkommentare und schaltet sie frei. Wir behalten uns vor, Beiträge nicht zu publizieren. Am meisten Chancen haben Kommentare, die direkt auf einen Artikel eingehen. Beiträge mit ehrverletzenden, rassistischen oder unsachlichen Äusserungen publizieren wir nicht."

Mein Kommentar ist nicht erschienen. Gerne würde ich wissen, welche der Regeln verletzt wurden, aber "der Korrespondenzweg ist ausgeschlossen" - natürlich. Ich nehme mal an, da gibt es noch eine Regel, die nicht aufgeschrieben ist: "Du sollst die Redaktion nicht kritisieren. Schon gar nicht, wenn sie amerikafreundlich ist."

Symptomatisch für die Haltung der NZZ-Redaktion ist ein Kommentar von Andreas Rüesch vom 30. November. Unter dem Titel "Lecks sind Gift für die Diplomatie" singt Rüesch ein Loblied der Diplomatie. Erstaunlich ist dabei, dass das Wort "Pressefreiheit" im Kommentar komplett fehlt. Nun sind Kommentare ja gerade der Teil eines Presseprodukts, der nicht ausgeglichen und wertfrei zu sein braucht. Hier darf man Meinungen ausdrücken. Nur ist es schon erstaunlich, dass die NZZ also der Meinung ist, dass die Publikation dieser Geheimdokumente der Diplomatie nicht rechtens ist, dass eine Kontrolle (vielleicht ja sogar eine Zensur) sinnvoll wäre.

Nur, hier redet jemand, der in der richtigen Position steht. Es wäre der NZZ durchaus möglich, sämtliche Informationen aus der wikileaks-Quelle einfach nicht abzudrucken. Selbst-Zensur nennt man so etwas. Selbst-Zensur ist eine angemessene Verhaltensweise für Presse-Organe in totalitären Regimes.

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07 January 2011

Happy New Year and 6 years of ch-athens

Another, quiet year passed for this weblog

So, it's already January 7 and only now I'm writing my traditional New Years post. As this weblog was started as a new years resolution 6 years ago, I used to write a post about that most years. Some years I wrote that stuff on January 1st at 2am, other times it was the afternoon of the 1st or a few days later. Now it's a week later, which I think shows best that this blog has slacked down a lot.

My stats say there were (for all my site, not just the blog) 142486 visits and 199742 pageviews. Looking at the overall stats I posted last year, that's a slight increase over last year. It also can't really be compared to the years before, as I used to count hits on the RSS feeds back in those times. Sometimes I think most fluctuations in the stats are due to the spammers getting past my defenses sometimes a bit more or sometimes a bit less.

The biggest hits according to my stats were again the (German) tutorial for using OS X on the terminal and then one post about how to do date calculations in the shell. I'd like to claim that the good old Unix shell is a success, but honestly I think that google just sucks to an extend not seen before. Those guys have just given up, searching on google for most anything that is in relation to something that can be bought (i.e. almost everything) turns up mostly spam sites.

Ha, rants aside, I'm slacking on this blog. I'm distracted by my "other hobby", photography (which occasionally even results in posts with some photos) and not much into the "discovering Athens" posts any more - the stuff that got this weblog started.

Summing it up, my new years resolution from 6 years ago is still running, slowly. I'll see where it takes me from here, but I'm neither putting pressure on myself nor am I yet ready to let things go off. I'll just stay tuned to see what happens next.

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17 November 2011

Instapaper on eBook reader

Just the text, please
Finding the epub download link on my instapaper page

Yesterday I gave Instapaper another try. I hadn't previously really warmed up to it, but maybe using a different reading device would help? The most relaxed reading device I have is my crummy, cheap eBook reader (Bookeen Cybook Opus). My first try was with using calibre, as described in this post by Justin Pot, basically it's going from instapaper to calibre's "news download" feature, to the ebook reader. It's convenient because of calibre's autosyncing. But then, I don't use that.

Looking at the instapaper "overview" page, I noticed something else though: Instapaper will package your unread articles into an ePub to download. Now that was just what I needed. Now all I need to do is to click on that, then hook up the reader to the computer, and drag-n-drop the epub file over.

Later I gave that epub a test-reading. It's well done, there is an index to jump to the various articles. Almost all of the extra-stuff on the page is cut off, sometimes some links are left over, sometimes the start of the text was repeated at the end of the article (clearly separated though). All in all it worked really well.

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01 January 2012

2012... Happy New Year! Guet's Neus! Καλή χρονιά!

Seven years old weblog

Happy New Year to everybody! This is my traditional combined New Year's and Blog-Anniversary post. I've had this weblog running for seven years now. While the weblog has settled on a slow pace in the last few years, by the end of this year it picked up a little bit, if not in actual posts, then at least in spirit. Yes, I feel much more like posting stuff on here. I'm no way back to my old rhythm (of about one post per day), but sometimes there are two or days in a row when I post something, yay!

As for the numbers, they went up again a bit. My statistics say I had 293212 page views in 2011, and 183691 visits. That would be an increase from last year (199742 pageviews and 142486 visits). Well, I don't trust that statistic very much, since there are a lot of spam bots and spiders running around causing fake pageviews. I block them wherever I can (and if they had large spam runs sometimes I remove them from the stats), but especially with home PC botnets, there is only so much I can do.

Looking through the posting history of 2011, it started with a lot of posts on photography and hiking. In March I started my imagelog photoblog. Not much traffic on that one, but a project that gives me some satisfaction nonetheless. The blog moved on in its own slow pace for a little while and then ... it (and I) hit on the demonstrations and occupation of Syntagma square. Politics. Up to July the pace quickened a lot, with me writing almost daily posts about my going to Syntagma square and taking part in large demonstrations (and being gassed by the riot police while delivering water and medical supplies to the first aid post).

August was probably the lowest activity month ever on this blog. All of two small posts. September wasn't much more active either. I was at a low point, both in the desire to post things from my life and looking at politics and the fate of this country. October didn't have many more posts, but inside me, things had started to pick up again. In November I announced my new company - which is one of the reasons I picked up blogging again. Working as a freelancer rekindled my interest to post on technical things. A few more posts in that area and maybe the rhythm starts to pick up again.

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14 January 2012

On My Reading List

Slow reading here

Here's what I'm reading at the moment:

"Shop Class as Soulcraft", by Matthew B. Crawford. This books makes a lot of valid points about how our work moved away from what we do with our hands and our minds towards some automated, rule based corporate jobs. There are parts of the book that describe real work in a bike repair shop, something which I can personally relate to. Unfortunately large parts of the book are written in academic language, which is not nice to read really. I'll postpone judgment till I've finished it.

"A Winter's Tale", by Mark Helprin. Actually it's been about the third time I've owned this book and maybe the 10th time that I'm reading it. I take it slowly and enjoy the fantastic stuff in this book. Some day I should write a real review, since this book is recommended reading.

"Debt, the first 5000 years", by David Graeber. In fact, I've read the first few pages only so far. I expected much more academic writing than in "Shop Craft", but no, in fact it's very well written. There is no introduction, no three forewords. Instead there is lively language that grips you right ahead. On the other hand, the first few pages already had me deeply depressed... damned, we're in a tough spot.

"The complete Calvin and Hobbes", by Bill Watterson. This is what I read and browse through when I'm tired to look at our society's situation. Now there is some good humor and some deep human thinking to get your spirit up! I don't think you can really "finish" this book. Just keep on opening one of the three volumes to a random page and be amused.

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01 January 2013

Willkommen zu 2013! Καλώς ήλθατε στο 2013! Welcome to 2013!

It's time again to re-learn typing the date

Happy New Year 2013 to everybody! It's become a tradition on this blog for me to write a post at the start of the year, outlining what's happened to the last year and the weblog. It's now been 8 full years that I'm running this weblog. For some time with a lot of spirit, the last few years on a reduced rate of activity. For my visitors this does not seem to make such a huge difference.

I've got about the same numbers in 2012 (182194 visits, 348897 pageviews) as in 2011 (183691 visits, 293212 pageviews). The slight increase in page views I chalk to the bots and spammers and not to real rising interest, given that the reported hits increased only below proportion. A page view without corresponding hits to CSS and image files means either a bot or someone using a console browser like lynx - which is rare.

The monthly levels of visitor activity stayed about the same, with the usual bump down during the summer months. It does not seem to make much of a difference if I write more (like in May or in December) or if I write almost nothing (both in September and in November I had months with only one post). Why is that? I guess because a lot of traffic goes to some posts with steady readership. Basically for some reason Google ferries people to resources I wrote, which isn't dependent on me adding any new content. The posts that tend to "pick up" in the long run tend to be fairly technical stuff, fairly long writing. Interesting enough, planning and writing long posts like that often gets me stopped to write more often on the blog. Focussing on shorter, more "daily" posts gets me more into a frequent posting spirit.

Why did I post only once in those two months? I went through a few ups and downs in respect to the sport of blogging. For some months I had picked up gusto and spirit. But then the days and weeks would just pass and I'd almost forget the weblog. I must admit in both months I got myself up to post something, partly to make sure there wouldn't pass a month without a post. I'm not any more attempting to predict if my pace will pick up or continue to slack. Every time I tried to guess at it or make plans, I changed my mind or things changed. I seem pretty determined to keep the weblog alive in some way or other though.

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21 December 2013

Ein Weblog war mal sowas wie ein Tagebuch

Aus dem Tritt geraten

Ûber viele Jahre war dieses Weblog für mich fast so etwas wie ein Tagebuch. Zwar habe ich nie alle persönlichen Gedanken oder Erlebnisse aufgeschrieben, aber viele Eckpunkte des Lebens waren doch wiederzufinden. Sehr, wehr oft habe ich im Blog nachgeschaut, wann ein bestimmtes Ereignis genau war ("wann war ich nochmal in X?")

Das ist etwas verloren gegangen. Ich bin nicht mehr so aktiv am schreiben, so sind auch nicht mehr alle Ereignisse da. Ich denke häufig drüber nach, an was es liegt. Ein stärkerer Wunsch nach Privatsphäre spielt sicher mit, doch andererseits habe ich auch früher nicht allzu persönliches aufgeschrieben. Vielleicht ist auch einfach der Wunsch etwas eingeschlafen, Zeiten ändern sich, andere Interessen kommen auf, wer weiss.

Vielleicht sollte ich die Frage "wie schreibe ich wieder mehr auf dem Weblog?" ändern in "wie müsste mein Weblog sein, damit es mich wieder interessiert, mehr zu schreiben?"

Eine ähnliche Funktion als Tagebuch, aber in etwas speziellerem Rahmen, haben Sites wie endomondo und Strava. Hier verfolge ich meine Velo-Eskapaden und auch hier gehe ich manchmal "in der Zeit zurück", um zu sehen wann ich was gemacht habe. Ein grosser Unterschied hier, diese "Plattformen" sind zu unterschiedlichem Grade "gesperrt", d.h. nicht jeder kann alles sehen. Das hat seine guten Seiten, von wegen Privatsphäre. Aber es widerspricht auch dem fundamentalen Gedanken des freien Zugangs auf dem Internet. Ich meine damit nicht nur den Zugang fremder auf meine (freiwillig freigestellten) Informationen. Ich meine damit auch meinen eigenen, zukünftigen Zugriff auf meine eigenen Informationen. Solche "geschlossenen" Plattformen haben nämlich die Angewohnheit, dass nicht alles was man reintut auch immer wieder rauskommt. Die Bezeichnung für solche Sites ist "walled garden".

In diesem Fall ist das nicht ganz so tragisch, da die GPS-Dateien meiner Velofahrten in einem dokumentierten Format vorliegen.

Zurück zum Weblog: Jetzt gäbe es natürlich die Möglichkeit, dass ich alle meine Touren (oder zumindest die etwas grösseren) auch hier aufführe... aber ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob sich dadurch nicht eine gewisse Monotonie und ein Wechsel des Characters des Blogs ergäbe. Wenn ich es schaffe, einen Mix mit anderen Texten und Gedanken zu machen, dann könnte es gut sein, auch wenn manchmal mehr Velo als Text da ist. Ich denke mal noch drüber nach.

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01 January 2014

...and 2014 - Happy New Year! Guet's Neus! Καλή χρονιά!

Breaking of a Tradition: No Stats

On this weblog I've had it as a tradition to start the new year with a nice little post combining New Years wishes with a little overview of what happened on the blog in the last year. Well, somewhere in 2013 I broke the stats of my blog and didn't bother to fix them. I still have the access logs, but no fancy numbers to show off.

On the other hand I had to adjust the number of months displayed in the "archive" sidebar box: This weblog now being 9 years old, and the limit set to 99 months, there just wasn't enough space.

So what was happening in betabug's blog land? Not much it seems, there were 3 months, with one post each only (March, August, October), and in generally I was slacking on my writing. I guess it's going to stay that way for a while, but I'm not intending to close the weblog.

Looking through the year, some points stuck out:

As a big example of my shift in priorities, instead of writing my new years post first thing today, I went out for a two hour bike ride. In the rain and cold. Well, cold for our parts here, nothing compared to northern Europe of course. Despite having frozen toes for 1.5 hours (I gotta work on the hardware side for that part), I had tremendous fun. Thinking about this ride I still start smiling.

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31 December 2014

This Thing Called New Year's Resolutions

Next year for sure I will...
Village in the mountains of Naxos, on a winter day

For all my life I never remember having taken new year's resolutiions seriously. Except that one time where I set myself the task to set up this weblog and write every day (or in the worst case every second day) in it. I managed to do that and you're reading this on the resulting blog. If you look at the last few posts, it's obvious I haven't stuck to the once per day rule lately - but I kept at it for many years in that rhythm. Now I'm at it more to the tune of "never a month without at least one post".

So, what made that new year's resolution work? I guess it could have just as well been any point in time that I would have decided to "do this". The motivation was there, publishing this stuff and getting feedback (stats, comments, direct feedback) made me stick to it. If I'd slack too much, it would show... so I didn't want to let that happen and I would sit down to write something. Even if it was something small - in fact, whenever I was planning a big super, great article was when things would get stuck.

A while ago, when I was laying in bed with that cold, I had a lot of time to think about doing another new year's resolution. Candidates where to revive the weblog, or maybe to set a target (10 - 12 hours per week) for the training on the bike. In the end I'm not going to do that. If I feel the motivation to write more on the blog, that will happen. Likewise with the bike: When things work out, I'll get the hours in, I'll enjoy myself and the training happens. When I'm travelling, when things go upside down in life, training stops. I'm not training for something, so in fact, "training" is just being out riding, having fun.

When I can, I'm trying to get in 3 to 4 rides per week. At that point, after a while, I start to be in a shape where riding gets easy, and when it gets easy, it becomes a lot of fun. No need to make me a rule about it. Who needs a plan to ride in a place like the one in the picture?

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01 January 2015

Happy New Year! Guets neus! Καλή Χρονιά! ... and 10 Years of ch-athens!

It's been some times

So today is the first day of the year 2015. I wish all of my readers (probably you could count them on one hand) a happy new year, with good health and lots of happyness. A friend asked me lately if I'd considered 2014 a good year ("on a scale of 1 to 10..."). Personally there were some tough times in 2014, but in the end it ended quite well. I wish all of you that you may have a year 2015 that you can grade high on that "1 to 10" scale at the end!

At the same time it's the 10th birthday of this weblog. For many of these years, I used to do New Year's posts with statistics about visits and all that. This year I don't have any statistics. The reason is that in February the hardware of the server failed. For some time I didn't get my data back (at first it appeared that the failure was total, in the end I was able to recover everything). I still have the access logs, but "didn't get around" to setting up any webstats on it. I guess it just wasn't that important - like when you move house and there are still a few unpacked boxes a few months later, you probably didn't need that stuff.

For many months of 2014 I just managed to write one post per month. Again, probably it wasn't so important to me. As for the posts there were, in a large part this weblog has turned to a cycling theme. Which is no surprise, it just reflects the newfound interest in cycling in my life. I posted a few "ride reports" about larger rides (including my first "brevet" ride in January). I could have posted more ride reports, but sometimes I felt it would overwhelm the other content. Not sure if that notion holds true, but in fact there wasn't much other content anyway.

So in those 10 years I wrote 1337 posts. For a geek, that is a really funny number. How much the blog writing has slowed down, you can see in the fact that after 5 years I had already 1000 posts, so only 337 in the second five years. At least I can claim that the posting frequency has picked up lately, December was the "busiest" month of the year 2014.

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24 May 2015

Weblog Technical Status

What can we clean up?

There are currently some problems with the technical platform that this weblog runs on. Aparently once every while, the process runs out of memory, and then the blog is stuck. Funny, since with the new server, there is more memory available now. I'll have to check if there is some kind of memory leak or refcount leak happening. In the meantime, I've reduced some cache settings, and well, sometimes the blog might be unavailable till I "unstuck" it.

While playing around with the cache settings, I also cleaned up some of the other blogs I'm subscribed to in the sidebar. Sadly, some of them are offline now. Some others moved, and I've adjusted the feeds. I've also removed the links to the Zope planet (does not exist any more), and to the expat blogs site (can't identify with that any more).

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01 January 2016

2016 - Happy New Year! Guets Neus! Καλή χρονιά!

... and also 11 years of ch-athens
Snow on an olive grove on Naxos, mountains in the background

Yesterday the year 2015 went out and today 2016 started. Thinking back to the "old" year, I feel ok about it. There were some difficulties to overcome personally (my accident with the broken leg), but I think I made the best out of it and was lucky that all went well. There were some incredibly bad times in politics and economy of the country I chose to live in. In the end, I disconnected myself from politics, and my own economic situation is good enough (knocking on wood). There were also some very good times in work, to work together with a team of friends. Another big event was my move out of Athens to Naxos, which makes my life much more beautiful, even though I see a lot of my friends less than before.

For 2016... I'm not really an optimistic person, let's just hope for the best, even if it might not be much. I don't have any new years resolutions or the like. I hope to continue with some good stuff, and to improve myself to avoid some not-so-good stuff in my life.

11 years of ch-athens

As usual, the new year is also the birthday party of this weblog. Because you know, 11 years ago, I did have a new years resolution: to make a weblog.

Same as last year, I didn't keep stats on the blog any more. Sometimes it would have been interesting to see the access numbers, but mostly I didn't care. I think access numbers have declined a lot. I'm not writing so often, so people don't check the blog a lot any more.

Basically my frequency of posts in 2015 was 1 to 3 times per month, with some exceptions where I rallied myself into posting a lot more regular over some time. I might have been tempted to drop the whole thing, but in the end each time I decided I still like this weblog, and that seeing it being without posts for a whole month would be sad.

For the themes of the posts, there were a slight resurrection of political writing, around the referendum in Greece. I talked about how I would vote, and I correctly predicted the result of the referendum. I did not predict the left government falling over and betraying its own people so absolutely, so I stopped writing about these things. It just hurt too much.

The other story line was my recovery from the accident, and various perceived milestones of "first time I was able to do xy". You were treated to a few pictures and some simple reports on my sportive progress. Which included learning to swim the breaststroke properly, buying and riding my bike on a trainer, and then getting back out on the streets and into the mountains.

Oh, and in January there was a post about how we had missed seeing the snow in Naxos. Well, we didn't miss it this year, we're right in the middle of it.

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10 January 2017

Oh, yes, almost forgot... Happy New Year 2017! Καλή Χρονιά! Guets Neus!

Had to count on my fingers how old this weblog is

So yes, this blog isn't as active as it used to be. To the level that it's January 10th and now I'm writing my new year's post. Sigh. It's also the birthday of the blog itself. I had to count on my fingers how old it is. Which was difficult, given I don't have 12 fingers. So yes, 12 years of ch-athens. It's been a while.

2016 on the blog started with snow and a lot of activity. I had gotten some new power and was posting regularly in January and February, but then ran out of steam in March. From then on, it was pretty much a 1 or 2 posts per month thing. But well, that's just what it is right now.

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01 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018! Καλή Χρονιά! Guets Neus!

Passing the 13th year
Just a random picture of today

Happy New Year to all my (few) readers! May 2018 be the best it can be. I'm not expecting much. I've been cycling the last day of 2017 and the first day of 2018, I think it's a good way to spend the change of years.

The last two New Years we had snow here on Naxos. This time definitely nothing like that. Yesterday it was windy and a bit cold, but nowhere near freezing (except when riding downhill in the mountains). Today it was sunny and warm, with no wind at all.

As usual, this change of year is also the birthday of this weblog. The blog has been around for 13 years now, quite some time. Thinking back about those days back then, it's as if it was a different me, and it was definitely a different time. I'm definitely not saying the old times were better though, just different.

The theme of the blog this year seemed to be: "Ups, it's almost the end of the month, better post something now, or else there will be a month without a post!" I had only two months with more than one post. Most posts were about cycling, then a few general posts. But then, the weblog is still around!

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05 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019! Καλή Χρονιά! Guets Neus!

This weblog has lasted 14 years already...
A nice Vasilopita

A nice and Happy New Year 2019 to everybody! This winter has brought some nice rains to the island of Naxos so far and the night into the new year was no exception. We passed the year mark in a good downpour. Which for the island is a good thing, and personally I was glad to be warm and cozy inside!

The picture shows a typical greek βασιλόπιττα (vasilopitta, a cake eaten on new year's day, with a hidden "coin" inside for someone to find).

2018 was... I don't know. One of those years. It had a lot of ups and downs I guess. Some difficult times, but also some good friends to help going through those times. Sometimes things can only be taken one step at a time.

In blog years, 2018 was lame. This weblog has been around for 14 full years now, but it spent 2018 on "minimal mode". The start wasn't even so bad, with 2 posts per month in the first month, and then even a spike of activity in April (when we had our "sprint" on Naxos). But then it went down to "oh oh, it's already the end of the month, time to write a post to not have an empty month!" (again). Sometimes I had ideas for quick, short posts in the style I used to have in the first years of this blog... but then other things were happening, and I forgot again. Too bad. I don't know how to rekindle my own interest in the blog, but at least I'm not thinking about stopping.

In cycling, I did quite well in 2018. I rode a 200km brevet in January, and managed to ride very slightly more than 10'000km in a year. My strongest year so far. I have no new goals for cycling in 2019, for now the goal is only to have fun out riding.

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