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23 August 2010

1.8. - 10.8.2010: Paris

Playing with Saad's Mamiya
Cuppola of official looking building in Paris

From August 1st till August 10th I was in Paris. I had the chance to play around with Saad's Mamiya C330, a medium format (6x6cm film format), twin-lens reflex camera. It's an incredible good camera, but it weights a ton. I didn't have much access to the Internet. Instead I had a really good time.

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24 August 2010

7.8. - 8.8.: Normandie

Burning through film with Saad's Mamiya
A white column of rock on the cliffs of the Normandie

OK, I was lying. I wasn't actually all of August 1st to 10th in Paris. The 7th and 8th of August we went to the Normandie, together with Saad and his wonderful family. We went to see Honfleur and Etretat. These are both kind of touristy towns, but still they are nice.

We had rain on the first day. Didn't keep us from exploring Honfleur. The second day in Etretat was supposed to be sunshine, but when we got up, it was all gray skies. So off we went anyway. We went walking around town, then walking on one side of the town along and on top of the cliffs. We even went for a swim, it was cold but cool!

When we slacked on the beach after swimming, the sun came out. The suncream was in the car. By the time we got back and had some coffee-analogs and crêpes on the terrace of a cafe, I had a slight sunburn. So what, two days with a red head isn't so bad. I've burned through lots of film on Saad's Mamiya. Since we handed the camera around, there are also some shots that I don't remember if I took them or if Saad took them. What the heck, photography was fun there!

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27 August 2010

10.8. - 21.8.: Switzerland

Mainly a gray thing
Evening in an alpine valley in Ticino

After being in Paris (and the Normandie), I was in Switzerland too. My father had a big party, lots of family to meet, nice. The plan was also to do some hikes in the mountains, but due to the gray, rainy weather, few of that we actually did.

We went to see some places in Appenzell. We got a good thorough soaking of rain in the Toggenburg. Some of the last days we went to the Ticino. Took the funicular (the steepest in Switzerland) up from Piotta and roamed around the alpine lakes up there. Slept in the wonderful hut capana cadagna, also ate there very well. The picture is the look from the backside of the hut in the evening. No vintage cameras for me up there, we only had the trusty Pentax W60. Sadly we had to go down the next day, but at least we had a wonderful hike.

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31 August 2010

No more snap

A new meaning to the term "shutter bug"

I'm again on Naxos, working in a quiet environment on some python code manipulating PDF files. Yesteray I worked from 9 to 5 and after work friends came to pick me up by car and deliver me to... the beach. Currently there is a kind of weird weather. There's almost no wind, high humidity, temperatures higher than usual. It's still fine with me though, compared to Athens it's really, really easy here. Especially if you can get to the beach after work.

The water yesterday was spectacular. We were on a beach where usually surfers and kite surfers rule. Now they are on leave. The water was cristal clear. It had that famous blue of the Aegean, only more so. I've got no underwater pictures of it though. My Pentax W60 broke again on Sunday. Same problem as last year: The shutter button is stuck. Sometimes it thinks the shutter is pressed down, sometimes it's stuck on "not pressed". No way to take proper pictures like that. I should start to drag the Arca-Swiss to the beach and buy a Nikonos for the underwater work.

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