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Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic is a song by Mr. Isaac Hayes (on his record "Hot buttered Soul"). I love the whole record and "Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic" (Nr. 2 on Side 1 of the record) is one of my favorites.


  AppleScript is a song by Apple Inc. (originally on their record called "7.1.1" (very sofisticated record naming scheme...) but they constantly do cover versions on successive records. My favorite (so far) is on their late 1997 "MacOS 8" CD.


Some of my AppleScript resources & results:



Vortrag zum Thema "FileMaker Datenbanken im Web zur Verfügung stellen"

(This one's German, a lecture I held on a big MUS-Meeting about how to put a FileBreaker database on statical web pages as oposed to dynamic web pages.)

Ein kurzer Vortrag, den ich am 25.4.1998 zum Thema "Wie stelle ich eine FileMaker-Datenbank auf statischen Seiten im Web zur Verfügung?" hielt.

Hier ist der Vortrag als selbstöffnendes eDoc (stuffit-komprimiert und binhex-kodiert).

Übrigens: Den Verkaufs-Gesprächs-Simulator, den ich als erstes Beispiel gezeigt habe, finden Sie bei, das zweite Beispiel (Trainingsdaten) finden Sie ebenfalls auf der gleichen Website unter


The Scripts

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Check for ObjectSupportLib

When you have OS8 (or any System that comes after that), then you don‘t need the ObjectSupportLib extension in your extensions folder. To be exact, a lot of programs get into trouble if you have ObjectSupportLib still around under OS8.

The Problem is, that may installers still install that darn thing under OS8. Even some of the programs that get upset themselves do install it. (Nisus Writer is just one example.)

This script-application will check if you have ObjectSupportLib in your extensions-folder and if so, it will move it to trash and inform you.

Some people keep this in their startup items or shutdown items folder, but I believe that's a bit of overkill. I just run it after I installed something (and I'm constantly impressed of how much garbage some installers will put in my system folder...)

Download stuffed and binhexed (Tiny 10k)


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Web creation






Sascha's Blindtext insertion script

Say you have to do the page layout, but don't have the copy (or text, however you call it) from the customer yet. With this script you can fill in different amounts of random blind copy. The text is taken from a plain text file. It always starts with a capital letter (except for the rare case that the first word starts with some Umlaut like äöü) and ends with a punctuation (.!:?).
The text is inserted at the insertion point in the frontmost PageSpinner window.

If you don't like the result after you ran the script, then you can just re-run the script. Since it leaves the text selected after running it will exchange it with a new try after re-running.

Where does the text come from?
The base for your "blind copy" comes from a text file, the so-called "Seedling file". The Seedling file goes into preferences folder or on desktop and must use the exact name of "Blindtext Seedling".
The seedling file is a plain text file with a lot of text where we get our random copy from. About 1000 Words are a good length for the seedling file. If it's too long it will slow things down, if it's to small you'll get the same text all over and maybe you'll ask it for more text than it holds.
There is no check for the case that you ask for more words than the seedling holds (eg. you ask for 1200 words when the seedling holds 1000). This should be a pretty rare case. But if you need lots of words at once, better give it a big seedling. The idea is that you use your own seedling text file.

How to use multiple seedlings:
Store the one you use most in the preferences folder. This could be a latin text for example. Now if you want other seedlings for different tasks (say german, english, swedish to resemble different language pages) you just drop the corresponding seedling on the desktop. The desktop seedling always overrides the preferences seedling.

By the way: PageSpinners Homepage is at

Download stuffed and binhexed (ca. 35 k.)


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The usefull and the ugly




Nisus Writer & FileMaker Pro


Convert FileMaker-Datafiles to Nisus dropplet

When you export data from a FileMaker Pro database in "mail merge" format, then FileMaker puts semicolons (;) between the fields (at least my german version FM 4 does this). On the other hand, Nisus Writer expects colons (,) between the fields (and also Nisus prefers to have 'NISI' as the creator code...)

If you drop the exported text files on this 'script dropplet', then the semicolons will be converted to commas and the creator is changed to the Nisus creator code.

Requires OS8!

Download stuffed and binhexed (ca. 10k, no Read-Me yet.)




Nisus Writer & XPress or VivaPress


Nisus to XPress Tags Solution Kit

This solution lets you export Nisus documents with style sheets in a way that the style sheet information is retained, while the normal style information (font size, fonts, bold, italics, etc) are discarded.

Please read the documentation.

Download stuffed and binhexed (200k)


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