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This resume informs you about my abilities and professional experience, and it could give you an idea about what kind of job I'm interested in. (Deutsche Version), (Greek version)

Personal data:

Family Name Welter
First Name Sascha
Birthdate 7.12.1968
Nationality Swiss
Languages German (first language),
English (spoken and written very good),
Greek (spoken very good, written good),
French (spoken good, written fair).


A job in the field of programming, where I can employ my abilities and "know how" to improve on the company and the team I work with. The job should give me the opportunity to solve problems and to help people.

I'm looking forward to a motivated company with a good team.

Last experiences

Graphics Garage S.A.

April 2004 - present
The Graphics Garage is an advertising agency, active mostly in the print and packaging areas. Here I've developed software tools for administration and communication with the clients. Those tools are made with Zope and Python. In more detail:

ZWiki (volunteer)

since February 2007
Zwiki is an open source wiki engine for the Zope application server. Since 2007 I'm a contributor for this project. Mainly I'm happy to fix bugs, but I also like to write tests a lot.


Oktober 2003 until end of march 2004, 70% occupation
The company DBS AG (in Wetzikon, Switzerland) develops solutions for the administration, installation, and organization of large quantities of PCs. Among my duties were:

Punkt G Design School Zürich

Oktober 2003 until end of march 2004, 10% Occupation
The design school "Punkt G" in Zurich offers the students one year and three year programs in design. The one year program "Vorkurs" is state approved and opens the road to further studies in the wider field of design. The school features a network with Macintosh Computers, so students can work on the current range of software in their field. My job was the support of those computers and the network. Among my duties were:

Freelance mac support and teaching seminars

Also Oktober 2003 until end of march 2004
Next to those two fixed jobs, I worked during this time as a freelancer doing mac support, and tought seminars. Most seminars were about administration of Mac OS X, for example at the University of Zurich (teaching their computer support personnel) and in many local swiss school organizations (teaching the teachers with computer support duties).
Further information in german on my seminars program can be found on my course page.

Network AG

June 2002 until end of September 2003
At the company Network AG (in Schlieren, Switzerland) I was working as developer, system administrator and IT supporter. Among my duties and projects were:


September 2000 until march 2002
At Star TV (located in Schlieren, Switzerland) I was working as IT supporter and webmaster. Some of my duties and projects were:

From January 2002 until end of march 2002 I reduced my workload there to 60% and gave away the duty as web master for the most part.

School background

Training as a photographer

After having worked already some years as a photographer and photo assistant, I spent some years on official swiss photographers training ("apprenticeship"), at my fathers studio, from August 1992 until August 1994.


I had 9 years of primary and secondary school education in Switzerland (spring 1975 until spring 1985). After this, I went through the one year "Vorkurs" program at the school for design in St.Gallen, which ended in spring 1986.

Further background...

In the meantime I've worked in restaurants, cafes, at a motorcycle repair shop, as a photographer, night watch, construction worker, ice hockey coach, and copy writer in advertising. Amongst other places I've lived in Greece (1986 until 1989) and Austria (1989/1990 and again 1992).

Know how and abilities


I'm a professional computer guy. I'm experienced in support, system administration and programming. You will find a lot of information about these topics on my web site. Here is a short overview about some of my past and present expertises:

Unix know how:

Open Source Software

Apart from my contribution to the ZWiki project, I've also authored some smaller tools and projects as Open Source Software.

Ability to cooperate, team work, and lead others

I was for 2 years on the board of the Macintosh Users Switzerland user group, part of this time as president of this group with about 1800 members. This job requires a lot of team play and the competence to lead. It was most important for me to further raise the team's productivity, to focus on the success as a group. With the other members of the board I was successfull at getting more volunteers to help with user group duties.

Delivering talks and teaching seminars

For many years I delivered talks on computer subjects to local gatherings of Macintosh Users Switzerland. I also tought seminars on advertising subjects and later, computer subjects. My students find me a lively instructor with a full knowledge background and always alert to wake any "sleepers".

If you have printed out this page, you will be able to find my web page at