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The Saga of IPv6

Last week in one of the cafes where I frequently have my #coffice, the IPv4 didn't work. In fact it works, but the DHCP server in their little plastic CPE router doesn't work. Been like that for a long time, so I habitually set myself up with a fixed IP... and my script that does that didn't work. But then, IPv6 worked fine, so I was able to ssh -6 to my server. A couple of http servers worked also, but it was impressive how much of the web was not reachable.

And a few days later I came across this page: The transition to IPv6: Are we there yet? That was a very interesting read. All those various incentives to do and not do things, the dragging of feet, the attemtps, and the slow-moving-glacier changes.

Now I'm sitting in another cafe, and no IPv6 at all here, but at least their DHCP for IPv4 works.