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What is it with taking walks?

The same mountains and trees, again and again

What is this thing with taking walks and clearing your head? If that is even the right term for it. Sometimes it's not "clearing your head", but rather "filling your head". All kind of ideas and spirits, plans and instructions, and motivations, not to forget the motivations, everything entering my head.

I mostly walk the same few routes near the village. I look at the same mountains and trees, fields and sheep. Sometimes a farmer or shepherd passes me in their trucks and we greet each other, they already know me a bit. Sure, with the changing of seasons and the variations in the weather, things look different again and again (sometimes there is snow on Naxos). But in general, this is the same stuff all over. Indeed, I'm sometimes too bored to actually go for a walk, sometimes it's too-much-the-same all over.

But most of the time walking works. Except... then I come back and sit down at the computer, and most of the high spirits and ideas are quickly evaporating. Oh, there is a news tab open, before I close it, I read a few words. Half an hour later, I realize that all my walked-up energy has gone down a drain of consuming useless information.

Could someone invent not a standing desk, but a walking desk? So I could work right while out walking? I imagine there are some difficult UI and UX problems to be solved, but this can't be a task too hard for today's experts and entrepreneurs. Piping all these great ideas and motivations right into work would be totally worth it.